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On Sunday at Fairfields we held our annual Summer Fayre and Dog Show.

With the sun shining the GSPCA would like to than k all involved and that supported what turned out to be a fantastic day.

GSPCA staff and volunteers were aided by a 20+ strong team of Barclays staff and some of their family members with organising and running their days.

Sponsored by the Property Link and the weather on our side we were joined by an ice-cream van, Donkey Donuts, MENFUN, Pukka Tukka, a Candy Floss stall, Guernsey Kennel Club as well as a variety of GSPCA stalls from a BBQ to kids games, tombola and more.

The BBQ we were proud to have supported by Perelle Butchers who provided the produce which was RSPCA approved Freedom Food and we had some very happy customers.  We are also very grateful to Martin Senner from Senners bakery who got up early to make and donate the rolls for the BBQ.

The main event was the dog show and this year Island FM's DJ Carl Ward came along with Lenny his dog and he had some very tough decisions. With 15 classes in the dog show the winners were: 

Best Rescue

  1. Grace & FlowerBest Rescue GSPCA Dog Show Fairfields Guernsey 2014
  2. Andrew & Inca
  3. George & Missy
Best Smile
  1. Cody & Mia
  2. Beck & Lucy
  3. Sully & Merrick
Waggiest Tail
  1. Mia & Aggie
  2. Veronica & Ellie
  3. James & Baxter
Most Fun Owner
  1. Baxter, James & Adam
  2. Woody, Mia & Aggie
  3. Tully & Lance
Best 6 Legs
  1. Danni & Eden
  2. Annie & Flo
  3. Ali & Kimi
Best Doggy Family
  1. Sara with Ryla, Echo, Breeze, Lexi, Storm & Dusk
  2. Helen, Ted & Tala
  3. Vicky, Tamar & Ta-homi
Best Male Puppy
  1. Finnley & Fergus
  2. George & Teddy
  3. Jill & DieselBarclays volunteers helping the GSPCA at the Fun Dog Show Fairfields Guernsey
Best Female Puppy
  1. Janis & Evie
  2. Ellissia & Daisy
  3. Gwen & Lottie
Best Bitch
  1. Cloe & Tiffany
  2. Lee & Lottie
  3. Imogen & Barley
Best Dog
  1. Sophie & Cody
  2. Libby & Max
  3. Sully & Merrick
Best Fancy Dress (joint 1st)
  1. Josh & Chloe with Holly & Rosa - Theme Lady & The Tramp
  1. Ernie & Eric with Susan - Theme Fun In The Sun
Best Trick
  1. Becky & Bo - Asking for a treat
  2. Sophie & Cody
  3. Becky & Lucy
Best Oldies
  1. Sue with Eric & Ernie
  2. Ruby & MaxThank you to Carl Ward from Island FM judging the GSPCA Dog Show in Guernsey
  3. Lexi, Storm, Sandra, Olivia & Buddy
Judges Favourite
  1. Mia & Cody
  2. Morgan & Merlin
  3. Ali & Kimi
Best In Show
  1. Janis & Evie
  2. Finnlay & Fergus
  3. Sue with Eric & Ernie

After the show had been judged by the fantastic Carl Ward and everyone thanked for being involved with all of their fantastic dogs a special award was announced.

The special award goes to a dog owner that has stood out either at the show or during the year.  This year the award went to Andrew and Michelle Boyce who had earlier in the year fostered one of the longest stay dogs.  Inca the Husky came into the Shelter during the Summer of 2013 and although a lovely dog we struggled to find her the right home.

Andrew & Michelle took Inca on earlier this year, fell in love and they have been living happily ever after and as you may have seen came second in the Best Rescue at the show.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'Thank you to everyone involved in the run up, organising, Carl Ward, Property Link, Tony at Perelle Butchers, Senners Bakery, all the stall holders, the wonderful volunteers from Barclays, the team that helped on the day, the Castel Douzaine for letting us rent the fantastic Fairfield venue, all that supported and of course the fantastic dogs which were all stars in our eyes.'

'The weather was fantastic at the GSPCA Fun Dog Show and Summer Fayre and everyone involved had a great day and we can't thank everyone enough.'

'A special thanks must go to the Property Link for sponsoring the event and in all we raised over £1,500 with a few donations still coming in from the day.'

'We also offered free microchipping and microchipping detail checks on the day.'

'We microchipped 4 dogs on the day was the first day of Microchipping Month and all through June we are microchipping for only £3.99, just pop in or call 01481 257261 for details.'

'The next Fun Dog Show that we are running will be at our Seafront Sunday on the 14th September in St Peter Port, but don't forget Island Dog Training Club have their Pet Dog show on Sunday June 22nd at Le Friquet.'

To visit the Seafront Sunday page please click here.

To visit the Property Link page please click here.

To visit the Perelle Butchers page please click here.

To visit the RSPCA Freedom Food page please click here.

For details for Senners Bakery please click here.

To visit the Island FM website please click here.

To follow Carl Ward on twitter please click here.

To visit the Barclays Wealth page please click here.

To see over 300 pictures from the Dog Show including all of the winners please click here.

We have lots of animals in need of homes. Could you help us advertise them? To download a the posters please click here. or to share them on social media please click here.

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Create a GSPCA Awareness Poster for Hedgehogs

Age groups –

4 – 7 years old (infants)

7 – 11 years old (juniors)

Some ideas could include:

Watch out for hedgehogs on the road waking up from hibernation

Hedgehogs out in the day time could mean there is something wrong

Please put out clean drinking water for hedgehogs over the summer

Check for hedgehogs before cutting the lawn/grass

Discard of rubbish properly - especially netting/wires

Make sure your swimming pool/pond is easily escapable

Do not put slug pellets down as they are poisonous

Don't touch a nest until sure you need to intervene

Cut holes in fence bottoms to allow hedgehogs to pass through gardens

Watch your dogs around hedgehogs- either one could get hurt

Other points to add:

Phone GSPCA for advice/emergency: 01481 257261

Advice on the GSPCA Webpage-


Prizes for the top 3 in each age group.

Send your posters with your name, age, contact number and school on the back to [email protected] or to the Shelter at

Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Rue du Truchots
St Andrews
Guernsey, Channel Islands

Closing date 6/6/14. Winners will be announced on the 13/6/14

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Design and build a hedgehog house to be used in your own or friends garden!

There are two age group categories:

7 to 11 years (Junior age)

11 to 16 years (secondary age)

The top three from each group will be contacted to be judged and there are PRIZES for the top 3 designs in each group!

The house structure must be:


- Big enough to make a nest

- Safe from predators

- Camouflaged

What could you use to build the house?

 - Logs                          

- Old plastic box

- Bricks

- Wood

- Pots

- Anything else - Be as creative as you like!

Try the internet and our website for more inspiration!

Last thing to do is take a beautiful photograph then email it to us along with your age, full name and contact number to:

[email protected]

Closing date 6/6/14. Winners will be announced on the 13/6/14

Good luck and have fun!

Please be careful when building your hog houses

 Work with an adult to put it together as you may need to use grown-up tools

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