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Quack Day,

I hope you have had a quacktastic weekend.  I wanted to let you all know how my friend Mocha the cat is doing.  What a really quack wonderful cat, he is so friendly.

Well he has had a quacking good weekend and his stitches where his left ear use to be is healing nicely.  He is seeing the vet on Thursday for an update and will hopefully be looking for a home soon.

I've been finding out lots about the cats who haven't been well at the centre as many of the strays we have been brought in have health problems.  You can help donate towards the work of the shelter by clicking here.

Also I heard about the developments with the animal welfare law in Guernsey and it is very exciting.

Any way I'm off for my morning swim.

I'll Quack to you later.

Gert x

Mocha back from the vetsPlease help Mocha

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