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Today Steve Byrne (GSPCA Manager), Lorna Prince (Welfare Manager) and Jayne Le Cras (GSPCA President) met with staff from Commerce and Employment to discuss the Animal Welfare Legislation.

With final drafts being completed the legislation is likely to be in place early next year.  The states are currently advertising for a States Veterinary Officer that will be leading the new legislation and the GSPCA were extremely pleased with the developments and looking forward welcoming the law.

The Animal Welfare Law has been in development since 2003 and at the meeting we were informed as to how it will be brought in and how it will be kept up to date to ensure Guernseys animal welfare needs are met.

Steve Byrne said 'We all left the meeting extremely up beat and very excited for the future of the animals in Guernsey' 'The law and the new ammendments mean that so much more will be able to be done to prevent animals from suffering and as the GSPCA we never want to see any animal neglected'

The law will bring all sorts of benefits to animals and their care from regulating animal premises which have animals to ensuring responsible ownership and much more.

The GSPCA are extremely grateful to the staff from Commerce and Employment for taking the time to talk to us.

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