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Only half way through February and within two weeks we have rehomed an amazing 36 animals and birds.

Pony the Peahen, Blacky the old hen, Abigail Angel, Frosty Lidea, Merci, Mistletoe, Polly, Roxie and Sherry the cats, Lucky, Meg and Storm the dogs, Baby Jusse, George, Goodie, Hope, Nat, Peace, Puffin and Spirit the guinea pigs, Ash, Brian, Chaos, Grumbles, Henri, Lewis, Lucy, Mo, Pedro, Ryan, Tosti and Woddy the hedgehogs and not forgetting George and Ringo the rats have all gone to new homes.

Shelter staff and volunteers cannot remember such a busy two weeks in February and all are over joyed with so many animals going to their forever homes.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'It's amazing to find so many animals homes and also we have reunited many more stray animals at the Shelter with their owners.'

'We also have many more reserved for new homes like the rabbits Nicholas, Starsky and Hutch.'

Helen Sharman Animal Care Assistant said 'It's been great to see so many cats go to loving new homes but I really need to find Felix a forever home.'

'She's been here for over a year which makes her the longest stay cat at the Shelter and we all would love to find her a new owner.'

The GSPCA has had a busy week during the birthday celebrations releasing animals back to the wild, reuniting strays and finding new and loving homes and is why the GSPCA continues its much needed work even after 140 years.

To see some of those that have gone to their new homes as well as those still looking please go to our animal web page call 01481 257261 or pop in to the Shelter and ask at reception.

For all animals there are procedures in place to ensure each one goes to the right home as each and every one has got their individual needs.

If you have adopted an animal from the GSPCA please do send us a picture as we would love to see how they are doing and it always brings a smile to the staff and volunteers at the Shelter.

Pictured is Storm a husky that has been adopted this month.

Here are a few of the ways you could help support the GSPCA in 2013 -

Membership - For only £10 a year you can become a member of the GSPCA which entitles you to our quarterly newsletter and being part of the oldest animal welfare organisation in Guernsey – please click here for more details

Coffee Morning and Bric-a-brac sale - Support our GSPCA Purple Week Coffee Morning and Bric-a-brac sale.  These are until Friday 15th February at the Shelter between 10am and 12pm but also happen every Tuesday during term time – please click here for more

Pet Supplies on sale at the Shelter - We have a range of feed, treats, toys, leads and we welcome requests if you would like to purchase your pet supplies from the GSPCA

Sponsor an animal – Become an ANGEL and sponsor a dog, cat, hedgehog, rabbit, ferret or even the wildlife unit.  Over 2000 animals are rescued, rehabilitated, reunited, released and rehomed every year and need your support – please click here for more details

Counter or collection box – we have a selection of collection boxes and counter boxes with goods from GSPCA Pens to Pin Badges.  If your business, office, pub or school could house one we would love to hear from you – please click here for more details

Did you make a donation last year? – If you donated to charity in the previous year of between £500 and £5000 in Guernsey then it is worth looking to see if 20% tax relief can be claimed – please click here for more details

Big Fish Appeal – Our two seal pups Jethou Bumblebee and Hanois are doing well but eating more fish now than ever.  We need donations towards this appeal and of fish to help our seals so they are fat enough to release hopefully next month – please click here for more details

Become a volunteer – We are always looking for volunteers to help on reception to animal care, night wardens to fund raisers.  Whether an hour a year or five days a week we really appreciate your support – please click here for more details

Family Fun Lunch – On the 3rd of March we have our Sunday Family Fun Lunch at Les Rocquettes Hotel and for only £19 per person you could join us – please click here for more details

GSPCA Education Talk – If your group, school or business would like a talk from a GSPCA member of staff on a particular subject or the work we do please get in touch – please click here for more details

Think of us in your Will – By thinking of us in your Will you can leave a lasting memory that will ensure that animals are cared for in Guernsey for years to come – please click here for more details

Kilimanjaro Climb – Please support Clinton who is raising funds for the GSPCA by climbing Kilimanjaro – please click here for more details

Mufti Days – Maybe your school, work place or local pub could have a dress down or why not even dress up day to help raise funds for the Shelter.  Why not encourage everyone to dress in GSPCA purple for the day? – if you need any support please email [email protected]

Fancy your own extreme adventure – There are many ways you can raise funds for the GSPCA. Have you ever fancied cycling along the Great Wall of China or a trek through the Amazon – please click here for more details

Cupcake Week – This years GSPCA Cupcake Week takes place between the 25th and 31st March.  This is the second annual event after last years success we are hoping for everyone to make, bake and shake to raise funds to help animals in Guernsey – please click here for more details

Cattery & Quarantine Build Appeal –  We have been at our current site since 1929 and we need to rebuild our Cattery and Quarantine Buildings – please click here for more details

World Stray Day – On the 4th April it is World Stray Day and the GSPCA will be holding a Coffee Morning, Bric-a-brac sale and microchipping event.  Of the hundreds of stray animals in Guernsey that the GSPCA receive every year only 40% of them are microchipped. Currently the GSPCA microchip cats and dogs for only £4.99 – more details to follow

Hold your own sponsored event – you can easily download a form to hold your very own sponsored event for the GSPCA and if you need any support please email [email protected] – please click here for a form

Adopt an animal – We always have dozens of animals in need of new homes – please click here for details

Itex-Rotary Walk – We are pleased to announce that the GSPCA are one of  the nominated charities for this years walk and we would love you to join us – please click here for more details

Dog training – Does your dog not do as they are told?  Why not join Lorna and the team who run regular training courses at the Shelter – please click here for more details

Support our social media – We are on many social media sites, why no follow us and share our messages and status updates – please click here for more details

Our Wish List – Many of the equipment and facilities we need at the Shelter are on our Wish List page, including some which are currently being supported – please click here for more details

Summer Fayre & Dog Show – We are planning a Summer Fayre ad Dog Show this summer with the likely date to be in June – more details to follow

Corporate & Group Days – We are always looking for support and help from businesses. Maybe as an individual or as a group if your work place is looking to support a charity we’d love to hear from you – please click here for more details

Summer Fayres, Fetes & Shows – once again we will be at many of the summer events and we both need your help and support.  If you can spare a few hours to help at any event or can help with getting a space please email [email protected]

Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday – After the success of last years event the GSPCA are pleased to announce the second Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday in St Peter Port on the 15th September 2013 – please click here for more details

Easyfundraising – When shopping online you can easily raise funds for the GSPCA by signing up with Easyfundraising. Thousands of companies are involved from John Lewis to Amazon, Ebay to flower companies and at no extra cost some of the price you pay for  your items can help animals in Guernsey.  We’ve already raised over £300 in the last year – please click here for more details

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager 'Not only do we have loved one's that we care for but for many animals are also in our hearts.'

'Valentines Day is always a big year for the GSPCA as we were founded this year 140 years ago.'

'We have a wealth of history and much of it can be seen on our website but we need to ensure that we can carry on for many years to come and we have many occasions in 2013 to help celebrate.'

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant and longest serving staff member with over 16 years experience said 'I still love working for the GSPCA as much now as when I first started.'

'We help make a difference and we appreciate everyone's support.'

'I have seen many changes over the years and helped thousands of animals but we have lots of plans for the future and with the continued support we see everyday then there is no reason why we won't be here in another 140 years.'

These are just a few of the ways you can support the GSPCA in 2013. But if you have any ideas please do get in touch.

Without your help we wouldn’t be here and we thank each and everyone of you for your continued support.

If you would like to donate to the GSPCA and help us care for animals in Guernsey by you can do so by calling into the Shelter, over the phone on 01481 257261 or by clicking the Paypal button below.

Another way you can help is by nominating someone or maybe the GSPCA in one of the following awards -

To nominate and find out more about the Ceva Awards for Animal Welfare please go to -

Ceva Awards for Animal Welfare 2013

Also there are the Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards 2013 - Find out how to nominate here by going to

Petplan & ADCH Animal Welfare Awards 2013

To nominate an amazing animal, a special person (in secret!) who has dedicated time to them or any inspirational animal story for the The British Animal Honours 2013, then please go to

Felix in the video below is our longest stay cat and really needs your help to find a new home.


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