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Last Thursday the ADCH and Petplan Awards were held in Birmingham.

The ADCH promotes best practice in animal welfare for dogs and cats. The members are dedicated to dog rescue & cat rescue. There are some 16 million pet dogs and cats throughout the UK, the vast majority kept by responsible, loving owners.GSPCA Guernsey ADCH and Petplan Awards Michaela Strachan Blue Cross RSPCA Wood Green

Regrettably however some 250,000 pets come into rescue centres each year where ADCH members endeavour to place them in new caring homes. Whilst in the care of the ADCH members expect all animals to receive the best possible attention including exercise, enrichment and appropriate basic training.

Through the commitment and dedicated hard work of members from the ADCH hope to educate the public so that those considering a new family dog or cat will take on a rescue pet or purchase through an accredited breeder. The alternative is to support the irresponsible and unnecessary breeding of animals which simply increases the number of dogs and cats awaiting rehoming from rescue centres.

The membership of the Association includes charities, or not for profit organisations of all sizes, situated throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

At the Awards Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant from the GSPCA was a finalist in the category of Charity Staff Member of the Year.

From over 5,500 nominations from adopters, supporters, charity staff and volunteers in the second nationwide search to find animal charity teams, employees and volunteers whose tireless efforts really do help to improve animal welfare.

Due to the quality and quantity of nominations received, the impartial and independent judging panel, which includes key industry representatives, had an extremely difficult task selecting two finalists and a winner for each category.

On Thursday the ADCH and Petplan were delighted to announce the winners of the awards.

Sadly due to the fog Yvonne Chauvel was unable to attend as her flight was cancelled.

 Although Yvonne didn’t make the evening Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager and Sarah Creasey Animal Welfare and Education Officer did attend the awards as it was part of the ADCH Conference which is an annual event attended by over 300 members of the ADCH which has leading experts in the world of animal welfare talking and giving presentations.

Also Yvonne’s sister Margaret was also in attendance and fed back to Yvonne how the evening went.

The awards were hosted by Michaela Strachan who will be on our screens later this month with BBC Spring Watch.

Michaela gave a wonderful talk on her career and work with animals, as well as sharing her admiration for all in the charity staff and volunteers in the room.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said ‘It was quite sad that I was unable to make it across for the award evening, but it is such an honour that I was short listed as a finalist.’

‘My sister who went along called to let me know the winner of the Charity Staff Member of the Year was Jenna Martyn from the Blue Cross in Burford and I’ve seen the video of what she does and it is amazing.’

‘My sister and I were invited by Petplan which was so kind.’

‘I received my finalist trophy this morning and it is just wonderful.’

‘Watching the videos of all of the finalists on youtube brought tears to my eyes as there are so many good people helping animals in fantastic ways.’

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘Yvonne called Thursday afternoon to break the sad news that she couldn’t make the awards evening due to the fog.’

‘Yvonne is an amazing member of staff, who has worked for the GSPCA for over 18 years and this is the first time a member of GSPCA staff member has made the finals for a national animal welfare award.’

‘To be shortlisted from over 5,500 nominations demonstrates what a true star Yvonne is, her dedication and passion for helping animals.’

‘Every year Yvonne helps rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and release thousands of animals in Guernsey.’

‘From giant sea turtles to oiled birds, feral kittens to bunnies, baby birds to ferrets, Yvonne works in all areas of the Shelter.’

‘In Yvonne’s absence I collected a lovely finalist trophy for her which she was ecstatic to receive in front of the team this morning.’

‘Michaela Strachan gave a fabulous talk on her work with animals and then handed out the awards at what was a wonderful evening.’

‘If anyone would like to recognise a member of staff or volunteer at the GSPCA then every 3 to 4 months we have our own awards to thank those nominated from the team for their fantastic work.’

To find out how to nominate a staff member or volunteer please go to -

To watch the videos and find out more about the outstanding winners and finalists please go to -

The ADCH acts as a platform for identifying and disseminating information on best practice and for raising the standards of animal welfare. The purposes of the Association are to:

  1. Develop good practice and influence others working in the rescue and/or rehoming of dogs and cats.
  2. Address common problems and issues.
  3. Explore and, where appropriate, negotiate price reductions through economies of scale.
  4. Exchange information and provide mutual support where practicable, which may include the movement of dogs and cats between organisations.
  5. Combine resources to encourage workable, welfare enhancing legislation. Exchange knowledge in construction and refurbishment of facilities.
  6. Where appropriate and agreed, represent the views of members to a wider audience.

To download a poster to advertise the Hedgehog Competition please click here.

To download a poster to advertise the Hedgehog Awareness Poster Competition please click here.

Create a GSPCA Awareness Poster for Hedgehogs

Age groups –

4 – 7 years old (infants)

7 – 11 years old (juniors)

Some ideas could include:

Watch out for hedgehogs on the road waking up from hibernation

Hedgehogs out in the day time could mean there is something wrong

Please put out clean drinking water for hedgehogs over the summer

Check for hedgehogs before cutting the lawn/grass

Discard of rubbish properly - especially netting/wires

Make sure your swimming pool/pond is easily escapable

Do not put slug pellets down as they are poisonous

Don't touch a nest until sure you need to intervene

Cut holes in fence bottoms to allow hedgehogs to pass through gardens

Watch your dogs around hedgehogs- either one could get hurt

Other points to add:

Phone GSPCA for advice/emergency: 01481 257261

Advice on the GSPCA Webpage-


Prizes for the top 3 in each age group.

Send your posters with your name, age, contact number and school on the back to [email protected] or to the Shelter at

Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Rue du Truchots
St Andrews
Guernsey, Channel Islands

Closing date 6/6/14. Winners will be announced on the 13/6/14

Build a Hedgehog House

2014 Competition

Design and build a hedgehog house to be used in your own or friends garden!

There are two age group categories:

7 to 11 years (Junior age)

11 to 16 years (secondary age)

The top three from each group will be contacted to be judged and there are PRIZES for the top 3 designs in each group!

The house structure must be:


- Big enough to make a nest

- Safe from predators

- Camouflaged

What could you use to build the house?

 - Logs                          

- Old plastic box

- Bricks

- Wood

- Pots

- Anything else - Be as creative as you like!

Try the internet and our website for more inspiration!

Last thing to do is take a beautiful photograph then email it to us along with your age, full name and contact number to:

[email protected]

Closing date 6/6/14. Winners will be announced on the 13/6/14

Good luck and have fun!

Please be careful when building your hog houses

 Work with an adult to put it together as you may need to use grown-up tools

We currently have two stunning cats called Trio and Trouble needing operations. To donate to help them please click on this link, call 01481 257261, by post or popping into the Shelter.

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