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The GSPCA is currently planning to approach various Pet Shops throughout the Island to see if working together could better the welfare of the animals sold in Pet Shops and help with general concerns from the public.  The welfare of animals within Pet Shops has always been a concern at the GSPCA and so the opportunity to work along side a responsible Pet Shops is a fantastic opportunity.

At the moment we are pleased to advise everyone that we are going to visit the Pet Cabin in St Peter Port, this Saturday the 27th of October between 12pm and 4pm, to work with staff and promote responsible pet ownership and good animal welfare practice. Both the GSPCA and the Pet Cabin are very excited to be working together for this common goal and we look forward to seeing how this project will develop in the future.

 Emma Trousdale the GSPCA Education and Welfare Officer is leading the initiative and said 'We strive to educate on responsible pet care and this is a fantastic opportunity especially with all the fireworks that will be soon let off scaring many of our pets and animals.'  'If any pet shop or animal product retailer is interested in getting involved please contact me at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews.'

Michelle Rogers, Pet Cabin Director said 'The promotion of animal welfare is very important to us, both professionally and personally, and we welcome the opportunity to be working alongside the GSPCA in this new initiative.  All animals deserve to be treated respectfully and education plays a big part in achieving this.  We hope that together we can help ensure happy, healthy lives for both our pets and those rehomed by the GSPCA.'

To contact Emma please email [email protected] or call 01481 257261

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