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Today at the GSPCA wee received two wonderful new scanners from the Pet Technology Store.

We would like to thank this local company for supporting the Shelter and the work that we do and these wonderful scanners will help us in reuniting the many stray animals we see every week and with checking the Hedgehogs we have in at the GSPCA.

At the GSPCA we have been encouraging pet owners for nearly two decades to get their canine and feline pets microchipped. 

The GSPCA deal with 150-200 stray dogs every year and a further 400-600 stray and RTA cats.  Unfortunately less than 45% have microchips and even less have collars with tags.

The GSPCA as well as many animal welfare organisations want to see all dogs and cats microchipped to ensure that if ever they become lost they can be reunited swiftly with their owners.  More importantly if they are found stray and involved with an accident then the vet history via the owner can be obtained quickly.

At the GSPCA we can microchip your cat or dog for only £4.99.

No appointment necessary just pop your animal along to the Shelter between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday (Reception is closed Sundays and Bank Holidays).

Please ensure that your dog is kept on a lead and that cats are in secure baskets.

Another initiative to encourage microchipping of dogs is since the start of 2013 the GSPCA have been working with a number of the Parishes offering free microchipping as part your dog tax, click here for more details.

Dog tax is currently £10 per dog - Section 7 (1) of the Dog Tax (Guernsey) Law, 1969, as amended - A person who keeps a dog in respect of which dog tax is chargeable under this Law shall ensure that the dog, while on a public highway, is wearing round its neck a collar bearing on it, or having attached to it a disc made of metal or other durable material bearing on it, in clearly legible letters, the initial letters of the Christian names of that person followed by the surname of that person and the distinguishing letter of the parish in which that person has his ordinary place of residence.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'The new Halo Microchip Scanners are great as we've already helped the company out in a trial here at the GSPCA.'

'We are always trying to encourage pet owners to microchip their animals and these scanners will help not only help us scanning the many strays we have in but also the Hedgehogs that we have started to microchip this year.'

'We are so grateful for all of the donations that we receive and this week has been fantastic with so many great gifts via our Wish List.'

For more details you can call 01481 257261 or pop along to the Shelter in St Andrews (click here for directions).

Another issue we often have are owners not updating their details with the microchip data bases and we would urge all owners to please ensure their details are up to date.  If you unsure on how to do this please get in touch with your animals microchip number and the GSPCA can refer you to the right company.

To find out one of the success stories when we managed to reunite Dipstick the cat please

Dipstick the cat returned to his owner thanks to a microchip - GSPCA, Guernsey

If you would like to donate to Nouska the Husky's operation and the other animals in need please call 01481 257261, pop into the Shelter in St Andrews or click on the Paypal link below and reference 'Nouska's Appeal'


If you have found a baby bird then for advice on what to do please

Baby bird advice from the GSPCA in Guernsey

Fancy doing a sponsored event for the GSPCA?  To download a GSPCA Sponsor form to help raise funds for Nouska and the other animals at the Shelter please

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There are many items on the GSPCA's Wish List and you can see many of them by clicking here including a list of Amazon items which would make a difference to animals in Guernsey.

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To download posters to help advertise some of the animals looking for homes please

Animals looking for new homes in Guernsey

The following are events planned for 2013

Every Tuesday during term time between 10.30am and 12pm at the GSPCA we have a coffee morning with bric-a-brac and pet supplies on sale (free entry) also guided tours at £5 per person minimum donation available at 11am.  Please click here for more details

9th - 10th August 2013 South Show GSPCA Stall - volunteers needed to help with the stand

14th - 15th August 2013 West Show GSPCA Stall - volunteers needed to help with the stand

17th August Donkey Derby GSPCA Stall - volunteers needed to help with the stand

21st - 22nd August 2013 North Show GSPCA stall - volunteers needed to help with the stand

GSPCA Flag Day August 24th - we are looking for volunteers to help make this the biggest and best flag day the GSPCA has held

Sunday 25th August - Vale Earth Fair - volunteers needed to help with the stand

Wednesday 4th September 6.30pm - Volunteer Induction Evening - to be held at the Shelter, more details to follow

Sunday 15th September 2013 - Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday - click here for more details.

4th October - World Animal Day - more details to follow

The GSPCA Mystery of Masquerade Charity Ball Saturday 2nd November 2013 - click here for more details

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