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Widget is one of many cats that we have had come into the Animal Shelter with a horrific collar injury.GSPCA cat collar injury

Every week the GSPCA receive stray cats with collars without safety buckles.  The elasticated and non safety collars put cats lives at risk as they can get caught and in the worse cases can be fatal.

Widget came in 2 weeks ago and it will be many more weeks until his injuries have healed fully.  The collars often get caught around cats legs and act like a noose as it did with Widget.  It cut into his leg and would have got infected if he had been left and not brought into the Shelter.

Emma Trousdale Welfare and Education Officer said ‘Nearly every month we get a cat in with collar injuries and it is horrendous.’  ‘We urge everyone that uses a collar on a cat to use a safety collar.’  ‘We have them at the Shelter and they are only £2.50.’

The GSPCA want to STOP cat collar injuries so please think before you put the wrong collar on your cat.


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We are looking for businesses or individuals to sponsor the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday on the 9th September.  If you are interested please email Steve Byrne on [email protected] call 01481 257261 or pop into the Animal Shelter.  To find out more about the day please -

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