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This Halloween there are black cats in many homes in Guernsey but the GSPCA have more black cats than any other at the animal shelter.


The staff at the GSPCA care for many black cats every year and have noticed that they often get passed by.  Pumpkin pictured with his black and white brother Pie were born at the shelter and have been looking for homes for over 3 months now.  Beauty their mum who is also a black cat also really needs a loving new home.


We help hundreds of cats find new homes every year of all ages, sizes and from feral to the most affectionate.  This coming Monday many black cats will be thought of with Halloween upon us and the GSPCA are asking people to think of the black cats without a home.


Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘We do not want any one to rush into taking on a pet as it is like taking on a new member of the family.  But for those looking for a cat please think of the many black cats we have needing a new home.’


We have dozens of cats currently looking for homes and many more welfare animals under treatment or being hand reared.  Mocha the black long haired cat who had a tumour and ear removed is still under going treatment.  Chandler the little tabby kitten who has a heart murmur is currently being monitored to see how he is coping with his heart problem.  These are just two of the many cats that come into us with health problems but we do have many healthy cats in desperate need of new homes.


Anyone interested in adopting a cat can either call 01481 257261, email [email protected], call in to the shelter or go to the GSPCA Halloween cat GuernseyChandler the GSPCA kitten has a heart problem - GuernseyMocha the GSPCA who had his ear off - GSPCA Guernsey



"Quack quack You can see the story on of - Could Halloween break the curse of the black cat? Quack to you later x x"
"Quack quack Please help my black cat friends It's spooky that they haven't found loving homes Quack quack"

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