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Every year as the weather warms and Easter arrives some parents think of rabbits as an a pet for their child.

The GSPCA this March want to send the message that a rabbit isn't just for Easter!!!

Over the last 18 months the GSPCA has had more stray and unwanted rabbits than the previous 5 years.

Many rabbits are bought on impulse and are housed in small hutches at the end of the garden with no exercise and the child often forgets the poor pet that is left for the parents to care for.

Most cases of cruelty and neglect towards rabbits are out of ignorance, people often don't realise they are doing anything wrong because they haven’t done enough research into rabbit care before choosing to buy a pet rabbit.

There are approximately 1.7 million rabbits kept as pets across the UK with over 35,000 in rescue Shelters every year.

With the life span of a rabbit on average 7-8 years, the need for fresh food and a balanced diet, annual vaccinations, regular grooming, plenty of exercise, insurance, feed bowls and utensils, toys, hay, accommodation, microchipping, neutering and other vet fees it can cost in excess of £1000 a year for your first rabbit although if you have more than one costs are shared so it would likely be £1500 for two rabbits housed together.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'It may be Easter and people may think a rabbit is a good idea for an Easter gift but they are wonderful little animals that need a lot of care and attention.'

'We have been inundated with rabbits over the last year and a half from strays to unwanted bunnies and we are urging anyone thinking of getting a rabbit to ensure that everyone in the household are serious and realise that they can live for seven years or more and cost an average £90+ a month to care for.'

'A rabbit isn't just for Easter but if people are serious about adopting one then we have many rescue rabbits at the Shelter looking for new homes and we home visit each of these to ensure every rabbit finds a good and loving home.'

'Some of our rabbits will be visiting the OSA Recruitment GSPCA Easter Pop Up Shop in Smith Street from this Saturday and shoppers can pop in and talk to staff and volunteers about them.'

'We will also have a few rabbits looking for homes that are very easy to care for and these come in the form of cuddly GSPCA toy rabbits to giant chocolate scented toy rabbits to toy bunny keyrings and these are ideal as Easter gifts.'

'We will also have cupcakes on sale at the shop as part of the GSPCA Cupcake Week where we are asking people to make, bake and sell cake to help raise funds for the GSPCA.'

If you are serious about adopting a rabbit or other small animal you can do so by contacting the Shelter on 01481 257261, check out the website or pop up to the Shelter Monday to Saturday 11am to 4.30pm.

At the Shelter we do sell large outdoor rabbit runs which we use for our rabbits for only £185.  Many bunny owners now keep rabbits as house pets and did you know that you can often litter train rabbits, but you must ensure your home is rabbit friendly as they do like to chew.

If you have any questions on rabbit care then please get in touch.  Featured below is a video about a hutch is not enough from the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund.

To see the story of Jethou Bumblebee the grey seal pup please check out this short video from start to finish on how staff rescued him with a lot of help.

To see the story of Hanois and his rescue please go to

Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards 2013 - Find out how to nominate here by going to

Petplan & ADCH Animal Welfare Awards 2013

To nominate an amazing animal, a special person (in secret!) who has dedicated time to them or any inspirational animal story for the The British Animal Honours 2013, then please go to

There are always animals at the GSPCA looking for good homes from farm birds to rabbits and to see many of them please click here. Felix in the video is our longest stay cat and really needs your help to find a new home.

There are many items on the GSPCA's Wish List and you can see many of them by clicking here including a list of Amazon items which would make a difference to animals in Guernsey.

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The following are events planned for 2013

Every Tuesday during term time between 10.30am and 12pm at the GSPCA we have a coffee morning with bric-a-brac and pet supplies on sale.  Please click here for more details

Clinton's Kilimanjaro Climb in March - One man VS 5,895 m - to find out more please click here for more details

GSPCA Easter & Cupcake Week Pop Up Shop thanks to OSA Recruitment - 23rd - 31st March 2013 - please click here for more details

25th - 31st March GSPCA Cupcake Week - please click here for more details

4th April - World Stray Day - more details to follow

Saturday 8th June 2013 Itex Walk Guernsey - We are pleased that for 2013 we are one of the nominated charities benefiting from this years walk. To register and find out more click here for more details.

June 2013 - Summer Fayre and Dog Show - more details to follow

Sunday 15th September 2013 - Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday - click here for more details.

4th October - World Animal Day - more details to follow


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