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We get all sorts of wildlife in and today we had an injured razorbill.  With the windy, wet and cold weather wild animals and birds often find it difficult to feed and Razy our razorbill is just one of those cases.


On a diet of fish being kept in a thermostatically controlled hospital cage Razy is doing well and we are hopeful will make a full recovery and be able to be released back to the wild very soon.


For winter wildlife advice please go to –


Also more information can be found -


To help with the work at the Shelter and to raise funds here are some of the events planned for 2012 -


Easter Fayre – Saturday 31st March 2012

Stray Awareness Day (Microchipping Event) – 4th April 2012

Rabbit Awareness Week – to be confirmed May 2012

Pet Adoption Month – June 2012

Summer Fayre and Dog Show – Saturday 7th July 2012

Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday – Sunday 9th September 2012

World Animal Day (a number of educational events at the Shelter) – 4th October 2012

Christmas Fayre – to be confirmed


We are hoping to have a stall at -

South Show – 10-11th August 2012

West Show – 15-16th August 2012

North Show 22-23rd August 2012

Guernsey Mums Summer Fete – to be confirmed

Round Table Christmas Fayre – to be confirmed

Christmas Late Night Shopping Evening – to be confirmed






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