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Last week (Tuesday 25th) Sarah Creasey the GSPCA Education and Welfare Officer visited St Martins reception with Brodie, the Golden Retriever, and talked to them about what we do at the Shelter, how too look after your pets and the best way to meet a dog.

Education is a major part of the GSPCA’s work and something that we feel is vitally important to the future of animal welfare.

The Welfare department is responsible for the Shelter’s educational programme and the Welfare and Education Officer takes the lead role in delivering individually tailored talks and presentations to a variety of age groups across the Island.

Animal welfare can be a complex issue so we continually update our skills to ensure we can communicate across the board and make animal welfare relevant to everyone. To make sure our information is accessible to children and young people we have simplified many of the concepts to help them engage with the subject.

Members of the Welfare team can either visit your school or Community groups or run a  group tour of the Shelter for those people / children that would like to come on site and see how the GSPCA runs on a day to day basis.  

So what can we offer you?

We can offer you whatever you want. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs and the needs of those involved in the talk or visit. We like the talks to be interactive and involve those we are meeting with. If you have any specific requirements please let us know.

Pre School / Nursery

For this age group we use props, visual aids and a friendly dog or dog puppet.

We discuss the needs of the dog or puppet and ask the children how they could help us make them happy and healthy.

The talk should last around ½ hour and end with a photo of the children and the dog.

Age group:   Infants

For this age group we use a short Power Point presentation, some props and a dog or the puppet if the dog is inappropriate.

The talk can last for up to an hour depending on the class or group of youngsters you have.

We talk more about the work of the GSPCA and introduce the Five Freedoms. We also ask the children to think about their own pets and how they can ensure that they are well cared for and happy. We get the group to be as interactive as possible during the talk and do carry out some role play.

Age group:   Juniors

For this age group we use a Power Point presentation, some props and a dog or the puppet if the dog is inappropriate.

The talk can last for up to an hour depending on the class or group of youngsters you have.

As for the infants we talk about the GSPCA and the Five Freedoms but we introduce topics such as worming, flea treating and animal cruelty.

Age group:   Teens

Talks for teenage groups may include some more graphic and detailed information. The subject matter will be a little more in-depth than that presented to the juniors. We will discuss whatever topics you would like us to cover which can include:

  • The GSPCA
  • Animal Testing
  • Intensive Farming
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Puppy Farming

Community Groups – Cubs, WI, Rainbows …

We are happy to talk about the Shelter’s work or focus on particular topics. We encourage learning through play and will quite often ask the children to draw their favourite animal or write a poem for us.

We really value your feedback so PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.

Meet the newest member of the Welfare and Education team...

“Zai” our newest helper was named by Zai Bunsit after we paid a visit to Mes Amis Pre-school in February 2014, during their animal study week. Our puppet Zai enables us to talk to children who may be allergic or fearful of real dogs about caring for animals and responsible pet ownership.

To get in touch please call 01481 257261 or email [email protected]


We currently have two stunning cats called Trio and Trouble needing operations. To donate to help them please click on this link, call 01481 257261, by post or popping into the Shelter.

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