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The current pandemic has caused many challenges at the GSPCA as it has with everyone and across the world and we are incredibly thankful to all that have helped us with our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal so far it is so appreciated and we couldn’t do so much without your support.

As well as much needed funds at the GSPCA there are a range of items we are desperately in need of. The largest is wish list item is a new GSPCA Animal Ambulance. Which has come at the worst time as we are so incredibly busy in Spring

Sadly after nearly 10 years of service one of our Animal Ambulances used to help rescue sick and injured animals and our essential work has gone to the garage in the sky. With social distancing so important there are calls where we have to send more than one member of the team and to do this we have to send two vehicles so now more than ever the loss of a vehicle means we are in desperate need of support and if you or your business can help we would love to hear for you please call 01481 257261 or email [email protected]. We have also set up a page to help raise funds for a new Animal Ambulance –

From the largest of items to the smallest we are in need of new bowls for the many baby birds such as Millie the kestrel to the baby hoglets being hand reared not to mention the dozens of baby birds in our care. You can see many of these on our Amazon Wish List many of which can be purchased at local retailers -

Another essential much used item that are all currently full are our Brinsea TLC Animal Intensive Care Units which you can purchase directly from Amazon to be delivered via or visit Alternatively you can donate to help purchase more by going to .

With so many items needed you might not know which you would like to support so you can always donate to our general fund the #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal by going to

 Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We cannot thank everyone enough for their support during these difficult times to the GSPCA, the donations have meant we can continue our essential work and care for the 100’s of animals at the GSPCA.”

 “We are incredibly busy and have launched a number of appeals for specific equipment needed to carry out our 24/7 work.”

“The biggest of these is one of our GSPCA Animal Ambulances after nearly 10 years of service will not be coming back from garage as it goes to the garage in the sky so we are appealing for a new vehicle.”

“If there is a person or business that would like to sponsor this then we would love to hear from them and we have also launched an appeal page to help with this much needed and life saving vehicle that would help 100’s of animals every year.”

“From this very large item to small bowls and additional intensive care units there are so many pieces of equipment needed at the GSPCA to help care for animals like Millie the young kestrel that came into our care yesterday.”

“We have an amazon wish list with lots of items we need if anyone is looking to donate goods which you can do online or buy locally and drop off at a collection point such as at Alliance or the large Co-op stores.”

“If you want to shop online here is a link to our GSPCA Amazon Wish List but before heading there if you register with Easyfundraising then every purchase we can raise extra donations and to register please visit .”

“To see our Wish List page please visit - .”

“The Wish list has items we really need from Butchers dog food to dust pans and brushes.”

“A huge thanks to all that have supported all of our appeals, we couldn’t do so much without your support.”

Here is the list of some items needed, but until the lock down is lifted we would ask donations (unless very large in which case call us on 01481 257261) to drop off at the collection points at the large Co-ops or Alliance as we are trying to limit the number of visitors to the GSPCA -

  • Butchers (we use loads for the hedgehogs and dogs)
  • Honey for the hedgehogs
  • Senior tinned/pouch cat food or applaws
  • Bird seed of any kind is very helpful
  • Small animal feed and small animal bowls
  • Wood/paper based cat litter or thomas cat litter
  • Fresh fruit and veg the animals love and we use daily - Kale, Parsley, Basil, chard, Cavolo Nero, Cress, coriander, carrots, spinach, raspberries and strawberries
  • Fairy liquid (we use for washing oiled birds)
  • Non-bio washing powder
  • Surgical spirit
  • Cotton wool
  • Nitrile gloves (medium especially)
  • Face masks
  • Pump hand soap
  • Bin bags
  • Hand towel
  • Loo roll
  • Dust pan and brushes
  • Towels
  • Blankets

Steve continued “We have had some amazing donations like these iphones to those donating to our much needed #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal and if you would like to donate you can do so by calling 01481 257261, by post or online via our web page .”

“Another great way to supporting is by donating each month and to find out details please visit this web page .”

“Without your support the GSPCA couldn’t achieve so much caring and helping over 3000 animals every year.”

“If any business would like to support our work in any way from making donations to wish list items we would love to hear from you and please call us or email me [email protected] “

To make a donation by post please make cheques payable to 'GSPCA’ and post to GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8UD.

In line with States of Guernsey advice please DO NOT visit the GSPCA if you are over 65, have an underlying health condition or have any symptoms of Coronavirus and only visit us if your visit is essential but before doing so please call us on 01481 257261 or email [email protected] before your trip to the GSPCA to see if we can help without you coming to the Shelter. For the latest information and advice please visit

With huge challenges on our resources and a drop in income from boarding and donations please help us help animals in Guernsey with our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal by donating online via -

During these difficult times help us help animals in need. From donating to Sponsoring a Pen, Buying a Brick for the much needed Wildlife Hospital to our Amazon and main page Wish List, holding a mufti day to a sponsored Christmas dip, here are some of the ways you could help give animals joy.

For lots more ideas on how you can support the shelter and the animals in our care then please visit our fundraising page

To see a list of our volunteer induction evenings which we hold each month and for more information please visit or call 257261

To find out more on trips, talks and our education work please email [email protected] or call 01481 257261



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