EXCITING NEWS - Pop Up Charity Shop at the GSPCA opening this Monday at 9am

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This coming Monday at the GSPCA we are very excited as we are opening an area with many fantastic gifts for Christmas, books, clothing, bric-a-brac, pet supplies, toys and much more at fantastic prices.

All items have been donated to the GSPCA including all of the fittings and we even have a changing area so you can check yourself out in the clothes on offer.

We would love to if successful have a permanent charity shop on site at the GSPCA and we would love your support towards helping us achieve this goal.


Cupcakes at the GSPCA Easter Pop Up Shop in Smith Street this week

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All this week the GSPCA are in town with an Easter Pop Up Shop thanks to OSA Recruitment (although closed Good Friday).

Thanks to volunteers there are a selection of Cupcakes to help celebrate the second GSPCA Cupcake Week and if you would like to get involved please click here.

In the shop there is a selection of bric-a-brac, pet goods, GSPCA items, lots of Easter presents and much more.


GSPCA Easter & Cupcake Week Pop Up Shop thanks to OSA Recruitment opens tomorrow

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This Easter and from tomorrow the GSPCA are pleased to announce that thanks to OSA Recruitment we will be in town with a Pop Up Easter & Cupcake Shop.

During Easter Week the shop will have everything you need for animals this Spring, Cupcakes to celebrate the second GSPCA Cupcake Week and lots for the kids.


Last Day at the Pop Up Shop in Smith Street thanks to OSA Recruitment

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Today is the last day we are at the Pop Up Shop in Smith Street.

Helen Holmes one of the Shelter Shop has been managing the Shop since 17th December and it has been a great success.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are very grateful to the OSA Recruitment team for the loan of the Shop.'

'It has been a wonderful Christmas present and enabled us to raise thousands of pounds for the Animal Shelter.'


Is it the end of the world today? If not the GSPCA can announce we are at the OSA Recruitment Pop Up Shop until the end of 2012

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Today the GSPCA can officially announce that the GSPCA Pop Up Charity Shop will be on Smith Street thanks to OSA Recruitment until and including the 31st December.

The GSPCA has been in the shop since Monday 17th December manned by Helen Holmes and her team of volunteers.

The shop has stock from pet goods to bric-a-brac, kids games to squeaky toys, GSPCA Mugs to t-shirts, cat stockings to dog cracker bones and this morning had a fresh delivery of stock.

Helen Holmes Pop Up Shop Manager said 'It's been great so far, but we are waiting for the last minute panic buyers.'


"Be Safe Be Seen" with your pets this winter urge the GSPCA & Living Streets

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This Christmas at our Pop Up Charity Shop in Smith St and at the Animal Shelter the GSPCA have launched a range of products to help ensure those out in the darker hours are safe.

The GSPCA have a new range of reflective coats, leads and collars on sale for dogs and reflective safety collars for cats.

Even before the coats went on sale 14 were sold to staff and volunteers at the GSPCA for their dogs and they are leading the way in safety when walking their dogs at night or early morning.


Christmas Tree of Remembrance at our Pop Up Charity Shop in Smith Street

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This morning the doors opened to the GSPCA Pop Up Charity Shop in Smith Street thanks to OSA Recruitment.

Staff and volunteers will be manning the shop daily between 9am and 5.30pm with extended hours on Thursday for the late night shopping.

As you enter the shop we have a Christmas Tree which was donated by Le Friquet Garden Centre.

On the tree are holograms in shapes of animals which can be bought by the till and are to remember past pets.

The holograms are only £1 each and all proceeds will help raise funds for the GSPCA and animals in Guernsey.


How much is that doggie in the window? It's not, but please pop along to our Pop Up Shop from Monday

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Only a weekend to go and the GSPCA will be opening the doors in Smith Street to our Pop Up Charity Shop all thanks to OSA Recruitment.

This Sunday staff and volunteers will be setting up from 12pm to get ready for the official opening on Monday morning.

Helen Holmes from the Shelter will open the shop doors at 9am and volunteers will help man the shop 9am until 5.30pm for shoppers to pick up a wonderful selection of pet products, GSPCA goods and bric-a-brac.


The GSPCA have a Charity Shop this Christmas thanks to OSA Recruitment

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The GSPCA would like to thank OSA Recruitment for there wonderful Pop Up Charity Shop initiative which started on the 23rd November with Communicate having the first week in the shop.

The Pop Up Shop situated on Smith Street has 4 charities taking part each week in the run up to Christmas including Communicate (who are rebranding as GO), The Red Cross, Bridge2Sri Lanka and the GSPCA.


Dates for your diary - GSPCA events and fund raisers

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Below is a list of forth coming events and if you can help or would like more information please do get in touch -

Every Tuesday up to and including the 18th December 2012 between 10.30am and 12pm Coffee Morning and Bric-a-brac sale at the Animal Shelter - http://www.gspca.org.gg/blog/tuesday-coffee-mornings-and-bric-brac-sale-gspca-animal-shelter-next-week-link-centre-students-