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On Friday two guinea pigs were dumped at the GSPCA.

In these challenging days the GSPCA like all of our community are experiencing a broad range of unique circumstances.

One of the biggest like with many charities and businesses is the dramatic change in income from donations and boarding and we appeal for your support during these difficult times.

To donate to the animals in our care please visit -    

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “On Friday two guinea pigs were just left at our reception at the GSPCA and we have passed on the details to the relevant authorities.”

“We ask anyone in need of help with their animals to call us to explore options especially during these difficult times on 01481 257261 or email [email protected] .”

“We like many are trying to reduce visitors to the GSPCA to help with social distancing.”

"It is extremely important that our team and those on site are not put at risk and we are following the States of Guernsey advice and asking if you are over 65, have an underlying health condition or have any symptoms of Coronavirus please do not visit the GSPCA at this time but contact us by phone or email for advice.”

“It is also extremely important for all animal owners to have provisions for their pets and animals and it is even more important that owners speak to friends and family to ensure they can assist if needed.”

“It is rare for animals to be dumped in Guernsey and the two young guinea pigs are a boy and a girl and we believe that more may be on the way as the female looks much larger than she should.”

“We continue to work 24/7 caring for the hundreds of animals and rescuing animals in need but please call us before coming to the GSPCA.”

“Donations and our boarding income have been heavily affected and we appeal for online, phone or postal donations to help us through these difficult days.”

“To donate online you can do so by visiting , over the phone on 01481 257261 or by post payable to ‘GSPCA’ and send in to GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey GY6 8UD.”

"The two guinea pigs have been named Tom and Tilly and aren't available for rehoming at this time due to the circumstances."

“If you are interested in adopting an animal due to Coronavirus to reduce unnecessary visits to the GSPCA we ask all interested in adopting an animal to register your interest by please completing and returning the relevant forms by email or post and a member of the team will be in contact.”

For a Dog Adoption Application Form please click here

For a Cat Adoption Application Form please click here

For a Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Bird, Reptile and all other species Application Form please click here 

Once your form is completed please email to [email protected] or post to GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8UD 


Due to Coronavirus the GSPCA is having to take a number of precautions which at this time includes postponing room hire, volunteer inductions, first aid courses, dog training, educational talks, educational visits, events run by the GSPCA  until further notice. For the latest information and advice please visit

In line with States of Guernsey advice please DO NOT visit the GSPCA if you are over 65, have an underlying health condition or have any symptoms of Coronavirus. Please call us on 01481 257261 or email [email protected] before visiting the GSPCA

During these difficult times help us help animals in need. From donating to Sponsoring a Pen, Buying a Brick for the much needed Wildlife Hospital to our Amazon and main page Wish List, holding a mufti day to a sponsored Christmas dip, here are some of the ways you could help give animals joy.

For lots more ideas on how you can support the shelter and the animals in our care then please visit our fundraising page

At present although all events are postponed you can see the hopeful list of our volunteer induction evenings which we would normally hold each month and for more information please visit or call 257261

Although all education visits are postponed to find out more on trips, talks and our education work please email [email protected] or call 01481 257261



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