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Just after lunch today the last two Guernsey seal pups from the last breeding season were released back into the wild.

Mambo who was rescued near Fort Doyle on the 4th February and Hannah was found near the Fairy Ring two weeks later and was the sixth seal pup to arrive into our care last winter.

It has been an extremely busy year for grey seal pups with two from Jersey and 4 rescued in Guernsey.

Jethou is a small island next to Herm where for the last 7 years any Guernsey rescued seal pups have been released when fit and well, as we did for Sealia and Gully back in May.

All 6 seal pups were extremely emaciated with a variety of health issues and would have likely perished if they hadn’t of been rescued which include two from Jersey.

The team boxed the very healthy seal pups up while most people would have been having lunch, then transported them to the Albert Pier to meet two boats from Island Rib Voyages who kindly helped with their transport over to the incredible island of Jethou.

Geoff George Animal Collection Officer and Head of Marine Mammals said “Mambo and Hannah were so thin and poorly when they first arrived and it is great to see them develop into the healthy seals they are today.”

“They have more than tripled their original weight and we are looking forward getting them back to the wild next week.”

“We are also pleased to report that Andy has started to eat on his own which is really encouraging.”

“He was struggling to eat, but we have been talking to all sorts of experts and he has made great progress in the last week especially.”

“Although a very wet day the seals don’t mind and we had a great trip getting them over to Jethou.”

“When we opened the doors they went so well together.”

“They both stayed together and played which was great to see.”

“A huge thanks to Island Rib Voyages and to all on Jethou.”

“It is why we do the job, helping these very poorly animals back to health and where they belong.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “What a year we have had with seal pups at the GSPCA.”

“6 in one year and to have done the full rehab is a real record to have got 4 Guernsey seal pups back to the wild, 1 Jersey pup and one still in our care.”

“It was a truly magical day and we cannot thank Island Rib Voyages and those on Jethou enough for such a great release.”

“Both seal pups Mambo and Hannah who were rescued back in February were so emaciated and multiple health issues that they are really lucky to be alive today.”

“It took weeks of around the clock care at the GSPCA thanks to Geoff and the team.”

“We cannot thank all that have helped donate towards their care from fish to funds to help buy the large quantities needed.”

“Hannah and Mambo looked so healthy and both being over 50kg they had both quadrupled their rescue weight from 6 months ago.”

“We had a number of the GSPCA team join us who were due a day off including Eden Staples, Suzanne Nixon and Nicolle Morgan as well as one of our youngest volunteers Evie Pellett who has been a real star helping at the Shelter and at many of our fund raisers.”

“It was also a joy to have ITV Channel, Bailiwick Express and Guernsey Press come along.”

“The feelings and emotions we all experience when we release the seals cannot be put into words, it is just amazing.”

“Andy although has been with us the longest we are pleased to say he is making strides of improvements and we are doing all we can with expert advice to get him ready for the wild.”

“Its not just seal pups, we have been busy with hundreds of animals through our care recently and work continues to try and build a much needed new Wildlife Hospital.”

“To support our Wildlife Hospital you can Buy a Brick, make a donation or even help support a room or section for the build and anyone who would like to support this build we would love to hear from them.”

Dan Meinke from island Rib Voyages said “It was a real pleasure to help the GSPCA and get the seals back to the wild.”

“They do a fantastic job and we are proud to support and help them at Island Rib Voyages.”

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Steve continued “With over 2000 wild animals through our care every year a new Wildlife Hospital would be a dream come true for us all at the GSPCA.”

“If you find a sick or injured wild animal you can call us 24/7 on 257261 or check out our online advice page .”

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Hannah’s arrival story -

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Sealia and Gully’s release story –

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