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Since November 2016 Dr Ben Howitt BVSc MRCVS has worked closely with the team at the GSPCA to help care for the thousands of animals through the doors every year.

When Ben joined the team at Isabelle Vets it wasn’t long before each week he would attend the GSPCA for the main vet check days and very quickly a wonderful relationship was established.

Ben with his friendly, helpful and caring nature was a fantastic help not only to the many sick and injured animals, but also to the GSPCA team.

Ben has always been keen to help educate and talk through the care of the wide variety of species to the team and even helped provide training not only to the GSPCA but to the community.

In the Summer of 2017 the GSPCA and Isabelle Vets confirmed for the first time ever HVD2 in rabbits in Guernsey which is a disease that can and has killed rabbits in our island. The GSPCA teamed up with Ben and others to provide training and a talk to rabbit owners and carers to explain how and what they can do to protect their pets.

Last year Ben also helped provide a number of training sessions for the GSPCA team and the last of which  Dr Ben Howitt BVSc MRCVS was presented with a bag of goodies and gifts as a huge thanks for all he has done for the animals of Guernsey as he is off to take the role of Chief Vet at the Darwin Animal Doctors Clinic -

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Ben has not only been an amazing Vet helping us here at the GSPCA he has become a very good friend to us all and we will really miss him.”

“Ben is one of the most wonderful vets I have ever had the pleasure to work with, he is caring, thoughtful and does everything possible both for the animals in his care and to those caring for the animals whether it is an owner or the team at the GSPCA.”

“In 2017 when we identified for the first time HVD2 was killing rabbits in Guernsey it was wonderful when Ben came in to talk to the team and public to help educate the community to help care for their bunnies.”

“Ben has helped train the GSPCA team in many skills and in many ways and words cannot express our gratitude.”

"The range of animals from tortoise to rodents, birds of prey to puppies, hedgehogs to ferrets Ben has helped with has been diverse, not to mention the range of ailments and it has been a real pleasure to have him as part of our team."

Yvonne Chauvel GSPCA Senior Animal Care Assistant said “From the oiled birds we have to the many rabbits in our care Ben has been so helpful and caring when treating our animals at the GSPCA.”

“We see some awful cruelty and very sick and injured animals and Ben has always been so lovely in his approach and care.”

“We will all really miss him and best wishes from us all.”

Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “We will all really miss Ben, he has been a wonderful vet for the GSPCA and all of our animals and we all wish him good luck.”

Seb Goman GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “Whenever Ben health checked our dogs in for homes or cruelty he has always been so caring and helpful.”

“Ben has helped with some very upsetting cruelty cases and has helped so many live animals survive their ordeals and we are so grateful and wish him best wishes for his new adventure.”

Steve continued “We will all miss Ben very much and wish him all the best.”

“All of the vets are hugely supportive of our work and we are so grateful to them all for all they do.”

"Dr Mairi Bruce BVMS MRCVS from Isabelle Vets has stepped into Bens shoes and is proving to be another fantastic team member having already helped hundreds of animals in our care."

“To care for the animals and run the GSPCA costs £2,000 a day and to support our work you can donate via .”

"From the 4 seal pups to Harley the staffy who has just undergone a life saving operation every penny helps make a real difference to the animals in our care."

“From all of the GSPCA team past and present as well as the tens of thousands of animals he has helped in Guernsey a huge thank you and we wish him all the best in his new role of Chief Vet at the Darwin Animal Doctors Clinic in the Galapagos, and as much as we would all would like to visit we really hope to keep in touch and look forward seeing him whenever he is back in the Channel Islands.”


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