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As the days become warmer and the Islands’ birds begin to nest we are starting to see the first fledglings arriving at the Shelter for a bit of TLC and a warm box to rest in. While many of the birds brought in to us genuinely need our help after being rescued from the jaws of a neighbour’s cat or the family dog, we do still receive baby birds that are perfectly healthy and have been picked up rather hastily by well meaning members of the public.

Because of the stress birds endure when handled by humans we would ask the public to read the following advice and only pick up the birds if absolutely necessary.


It is not advisable to remove fledglings from the place where they are found.

Although a fledgling may appear to be abandoned by its parents and unable to fend for itself, in most cases the parents are feeding it and may just be off gathering more food, while still keeping a watchful eye on their young.

Birds in real danger should be placed out of harm a short distance away and left completely alone for an hour or so.

Observe from a distance to see if a parent returns.

Seek advice before presuming the worst as the fledglings have a better chance of survival if they remain in the wild.

Do not try to return the fledgling to its nest as you may disturb other young birds.

Continue to observe a lone fledgling in case the worst case scenario has happened and they have been abandoned.

If the parents are definitely not returning to feed the bird then gently place it inside a container with a small towel and bring it up to the Shelter where we can look after it until it is strong enough to be released back into the wild.


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