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Nouska is an older husky that has found his way to the GSPCA Animal Shelter and it has developed that he has a cancerous growth in his chest.

To help save Nouska and lengthen his life next Wednesday he is having an operation to remove the lump.

With any operation there is both a risk and a cost but the vets and the team at the GSPCA feel that despite Nouska being over 10 years old he has a lot of life and love to give.

The operation and his care are likely to exceed over £1000 and the GSPCA are appealing for donations to help Nouska and the many other animals at the Shelter in need of care and similar operations.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘Nouska is a real star and all of the team love him to bits.’

‘Despite being an older lad he acts like a puppy and we all want him to have many happy years and this operation will hopefully help him to have this.’

‘Whether a penny or a pound every little helps and we are appealing for donations for this lovely lad.’

‘Canine Cancer affects one in three dogs and of that only 50% survive.’

‘It is really important to check your pets regularly and have any unusual lumps looked at by a vet.’

Sheryl Carre Animal Care Assistant and Dog Rehoming Staff Member said ‘We’ve all grown really fond of Nouska and want him to have the best chance possible.’

‘By removing this cancerous growth he will hopefully have many more years which would be wonderful as he is such a lovely dog.’

‘Husky’s can be really hard work but this lovely chap is just full of love.’

To donate you can click on the paypal button below and reference ‘Nouska appeal, call the Shelter on 01481 257261, pop into the Shelter or by post –

GSPCA, Les Fiers Moutons, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8UD

Another way you can help Nouska and the many animals at the Shelter is by joining our Angel Sponsorship Scheme which is a monthly giving scheme to help the thousands of animals we rescue and care for every year.  To find out more please go to –

What exactly is Canine Cancer?

Canine Cancer like Cancer in humans and other animals is an abnormal cell growth.

Normally body cells follow a regulated patter of cell growth, division and death.  New cells replace old cells as they die off.  Abnormal, cancerous cells behave differently.  They follow a pattern of continuous growth, far outliving normal cells as they conglomerate into growths known as tumors.  While not every tumor is automatically cancerous, tumors diagnosed as malignant are cancerous and pose the largest threat to a dog’s health.  Even non-cancerous tumors, known as benign, can cause problems if they grow large enough or wrap around major blood vessels and vital organs.

Eventually some of these cancerous cells will break away from others and travel through the bloodstream to take root and grow in other parts of the body.  This process is know as metastasizing and leads to widespread cancer in the animal.

At it’s deepest root, cancer is caused by damage to the DNA.  DNA is found in every cell and is responsible for directing cells in the normal behaviour patterns.  Under normal circumstances, the body is able to repair DNA damage, but when the damage isn’t repaired, the cells begin to behave abnormally, beginning the out-of-control that leads to cancer formation.

If you would like to donate to Nouska's operation and the other animals in need please call 01481 257261, pop into the Shelter in St Andrews or click on the Paypal link below and reference 'Nouska's Appeal'


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The following are events planned for 2013

Every Tuesday during term time between 10.30am and 12pm at the GSPCA we have a coffee morning with bric-a-brac and pet supplies on sale (free entry) also guided tours at £5 per person minimum donation available at 11am.  Please click here for more details

Friday 12th - Sunday 14th July - A stall at Chaos, Pleinmont Point - volunteers need to help

Sunday 14th July - Labradog Day - a fun day for labrador owners at the Hotel Bon Port - please click here for details

Wednesday 17th July 6.30pm - Volunteer Induction Evening - to be held at the Shelter, more details to follow

Roy Cochrane Presents "Guernsey Changes" a colour slide and chat show at Les Cotils Saturday 20th July.please click here for details

Saturday 20th July a stall at the Guernsey Cheshire Home & the Guernsey MS Society It's A Knockout at Saumarez Park.please click here for details

Sunday 21st July - Family Fun Car Boot Sale at Specsavers - please click here for details

9th - 10th August 2013 South Show GSPCA Stall - volunteers needed to help with the stand

14th - 15th August 2013 West Show GSPCA Stall - volunteers needed to help with the stand

17th August Donkey Derby GSPCA Stall - volunteers needed to help with the stand

21st - 22nd August 2013 North Show GSPCA stall - volunteers needed to help with the stand

GSPCA Flag Day August 24th - we are looking for volunteers to help make this the biggest and best flag day the GSPCA has held

Sunday 25th August - Vale Earth Fair - volunteers needed to help with the stand

Sunday 15th September 2013 - Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday - click here for more details.

4th October - World Animal Day - more details to follow

The GSPCA Mystery of Masquerade Charity Ball Saturday 2nd November 2013 - click here for more details

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