Advice on what to do if you see a sick seal pup from the GSPCA

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Every Autumn the shores of the Bailiwick see grey seal pups being born, and the GSPCA are issuing advice today because of the inclement weather we have seen recently.

The earliest grey seal pup we have rescued in recent years was Temperance who was found during the last week of October last year.

In recent years every winter the GSPCA have helped rescue and care for grey seal pups.


GSPCA team devastated as Seal sadly passes away

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Yesterday despite around the clock care Seal the Common Seal Pup sadly passed away at the GSPCA.

At only 7.2 kgs the emaciated pup with multiple health problems including seizures that was found at Chouet was so weak that the team were unable to save Seal and all are extremely saddened with the death of the poorly seal pup.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “All of the GSPCA team are devasted of the loss of Seal the common Seal Pup that was rescued at Chouet on Wednesday.”


Very poorly not so Common Seal Pup Rescued at Chouet now at the GSPCA

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Yesterday GSPCA Ambulance Officer and Head of Marine Mammals Geoff George was called out to rescue and help a very poorly marine mammal at Chouet.

Only weeks after releasing Temperance the Grey Seal Pup back to the wild we now have a Common Seal Pup in our intensive care room for sick and injured seal pups.

Common Seals are extremely rare in Guernsey waters and to see a pup is even more so unusual, which certainly helps explain the condition of this very poorly pup.


Temperance the grey seal pup back in the wild on Jethou on a very sunny day & dolphin spotting

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Today Temperance the grey seal pup was released back to the wild.

When he was found he was the thinnest ever seal pups to be rescued by the GSPCA found at Beaucette back in November.

Temperance has taken many months to build the strength and weight needed for release and today was his big day.

The team prepared Temperance this morning ready for his transportation to Albert Pier where we met the team from Rib Voyages and members of the press.


The team are devastated as Iris the seal pup passes away

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Yesterday Iris a grey seal pup at just 15kgs arrived at the GSPCA which was the most unseasonal grey seal pup the GSPCA had in their care.

The pup when she arrived was incredibly emaciated and the team were extremely concerned for her condition and the reasons why she was so thin at this time of year.

Despite the vets out yesterday on a number of occasions and the care of the team at the GSPCA Iris was fitting which was of huge concern and despite treatment she passed away in the early hours of this morning.


Urgent Fresh Fish Appeal for Temperance the Seal Pup who is near for release

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With only a matter of weeks before Temperance the seal pup being released we are in desperate need of fresh fish to fatten him up.

His ideal fish is mackerel or herring and it has to be human quality for his health.

Temperance is eating 20-30 fish a day and we are currently struggling to find suppliers with enough in stock.

If you haven't got any fish you can still help by donating to -


Please help support Temperance the seal pup in his final weeks of rehab

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We are overjoyed to report that Temperance is doing exceptionally well and potentially after another few weeks of care will be returned back to the wild.

The injured and very poorly grey seal pup was rescued at Beaucette Marina last November has approximately tripled his weight and has turned into the fastest swimming seal we have ever had so is now in the last stage of his rehabilitation.

Temperance was the thinnest grey seal pup to be rescued by the GSPCA and it has been a long road in his care to get him fit enough to get him to where he is today.


Temperance the grey seal pup takes her first Spring dip at the GSPCA – Can you spare £5 to feed her a meal of fresh fish

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We are overjoyed to report that Temperance continues to improve at the GSPCA.

The injured and very poorly grey seal pup was rescued at Beaucette Marina last November has more than doubled her weight and today is in a pool at the GSPCA for the last stage of her rehabilitation.

Temperance was the thinnest grey seal pup to be rescued by the GSPCA and it has been a long road in her care to get her fit enough to get her to where she is today.


Temperance the seal pup more than doubles his weight #GSPCAPurpleWeek - please help donate to his care

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We are pleased to announce that Temperance the seal pup who was rescued at the start of November last year has more than doubled his weight.

The thinnest ever seal pup we have rescued here in Guernsey at only 11kg is now up to 28.2kg.

Head carer of Temperance GSPCA Animal Collection Officer and Marine Mammal Carer at the GSPCA Geoff George is pleased to report the huge gain in weight and improvements in health.

It is even more special as we enter the last two days of GSPCA Purple Week celebrating 145 years of helping animals in Guernsey.


WEATHER WARNING - With extreme weather please watch for injured wildlife as first oiled bird of 2018 rescued

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With the extreme weather the GSPCA are seeing a very rough start for the wildlife of Guernsey.

Last night Rupert an oiled guillemot was rescued at Fort Grey and the team are braced for more as the gale force weather continues.

Often during the winter months with the high winds and stormy weather makes it difficult for wild animals and birds to feed and rest.

Also with the high winds we have to ensure our pets and animals kept outside are safe and secure.