Sightings of Andrew the seal pup around Herm – safety warning please respect his space and do not approach him

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Yesterday the GSPCA enjoyed an incredible day releasing Andrew the seal pup from jersey and Pebbles who was rescued in Guernsey.

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Andrew was seen several times between Belvoir Bay and Shell Beach in Herm and the GSPCA are urging the public not to approach or touch him.


A magical day as Pebbles and Andrew two seal pups back in the wild

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Today a magical moment took place as Andrew the Jersey grey seal pup and Pebbles the Guernsey grey seal pup were returned back to the wild.

Andrew who was a tiny white coat when found in Jersey and rescued by the JSPCA and British Divers Marine Mammal Medics in November 2018 was one of the youngest and smallest pups ever to come into our care at the GSPCA. Last year Andrews progress was incredibly slow and we really worried if he would ever be fit and well enough to be released to the wild and due to his slow progress he is the longest ever seal resident to be in our care.


Seal Pups Pebbles and Andrew soon to be in the wild please donate to their final farewell meal

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Pebbles who was rescued in Guernsey 5 months ago and Andrew the Jersey seal pup who is our longest ever seal in rehab at an incredible 19 months are both ready for their release to the wild.

All being well with weather conditions in the next 24 hours, both Andrew and Pebbles will be released back into the wild after an incredible amount of hard work by the team at the GSPCA and especially Geoff George Head of Marine Mammals.


States advice of increasing your social bubble to 2 happens for Andrew and Pebbles the GSPCA seal pups

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Today at the GSPCA for the first time Pebble the Guernsey seal pup rescued earlier this year and Andrew from Jersey who came in November 2018 got to meet.

The States of Guernsey last week issued advice that two households could come together and here at the GSPCA Andrew and Pebble are now able to share their pools, expanding their social bubbles.


HAPPY NEWS – Andrew doing well and soon to have a new friend

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We are pleased to say that Andrew the Jersey grey seal pup rescued over a year ago is nearly ready for the wild but we have one last step to go.

We are hoping when Pebbles the seal pup is ready to introduce them both so they can be released together.

Sadly due to the Coronavirus restrictions it is highly unlikely that we will be able to take a boat to Jersey to release Andrew where he was from with the social distancing rules in both islands.


HAPPY NEWS – Pebble the seal pup moves out into the Spring sunshine

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On the 13th February the GSPCA team were called out to a very poorly seal pup we named Pebbles and we have some great news as she is doing extremely well.

We were all so worried for her when she first arrived and she required around the clock intensive care, but each day she has improved and this week she got her first taste of the outdoors since arriving.

At only 2-3 months of age she is now eating fish well and we are all so pleased with her progress.


First seal pup casualty of 2020 due to the storms arrives during #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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147 years ago yesterday there was no such thing as the GSPCA to help animals in Guernsey as today on Valentine's Day we celebrate our anniversary.

Yesterday around 430pm the GSPCA were called out to the Shingle Bank on the West Coast of Guernsey to what they found was a very poorly, thin , dehydrated and chesty grey seal pup.


Extremely sad news as Crash the seal pup passes away

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Last night the GSPCA team were devastated as Crash the grey seal pup passed away.

Found a ¼ of the weight he should have been emaciated and with an extremely bad infection Crash had been receiving treatment and around the clock care.

Despite having put on an additional 5kgs in weight in less than a week Crashes chest infection despite medication didn’t seem to improve and last night at 11pm he passed away.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We are saddened to have to let everyone know that Crash the grey seal pup passed away last night.”


Crash one of the smallest ever grey seal pups and first of the season rescued now at the GSPCA

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Earlier today our Animal Collection Officer and GSPCA Head of Marine Mammals Geoff George was rescued a 2-3 day old Grey seal Pup from Grandes Rocques.

The very emaciated and poorly pup was nearly a quarter of the weight he should be for his age with no mother in sight.

At only 12kgs if the pup hadn’t been rescued it would have surely perished on our West Coast.

‘Crash’ as the young pup has been named is now receiving around the clock intensive care as it will need fluids and rehydration every 2 hours 24/7 to stablise it.


Magical as Hannah and Mambo last two 2018/19 Guernsey seal pups released back to the wild

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Just after lunch today the last two Guernsey seal pups from the last breeding season were released back into the wild.

Mambo who was rescued near Fort Doyle on the 4th February and Hannah was found near the Fairy Ring two weeks later and was the sixth seal pup to arrive into our care last winter.

It has been an extremely busy year for grey seal pups with two from Jersey and 4 rescued in Guernsey.