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Yesterday morning we were brought in another bird affected by the Torrey Canyon.

There are a number of birds nesting around Chouet and yesterday morning a caring member of public found a young kestrel with oiled feathers.

Olive as she is now named is at the Shelter, seen the vet and made it through the night which is a good sign but she has a long road to recovery.

Although there has been a lot of work to remove much of the surface oil which was featured earlier this year on the BBC Countryfile programme there is still a lot around the area and this is still affecting birds and animals like Olive.

Olive will require a number of washes at this year the GSPCA have a device fitted to our wash sink that prevents over 99% of hydrocarbons getting back into the water course which was kindly donated by Burdens and is a product called Smart Sponge.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘Kestrels are such beautiful birds, we are all keeping our fingers crossed Olive pulls through.’  ‘She seems bright but we just don’t know how much of the oil she has ingested.’  

The GSPCA rescues and helps thousands of animals every year and we are currently looking to replace one of our vehicles due to its hard life being on the road 7 GSPCA in need of a new vehicledays a week, it has sadly come to the end of its life.  If your business is interested in sponsoring it please email [email protected] or call Steve Byrne on 01481 257261

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