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Last night at 1am the GSPCA Night Wardens Matt Hill-Smith and Jen Bradshaw were called out to a call they weren't expecting.

The GSPCA were contacted by the police to attend the scene at the Men's Toilets at North Beach Car Park in St Peter Port to find three adult Hens perching on the lavatory surrounded by bread.

They were quickly captured by Matt and Jen who transported them to the GSPCA Animal Shelter where Annabelle Janes a member of the GSPCA Night Staff Team checked them all over and made them comfortable.

Thankfully they were in good condition and are now in a large enclosure at the Shelter.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'The GSPCA are often called to abandoned animals, and occasionally in unusual circumstances but we've not had a call like this in recent years.'

'Thankfully the birds all seem in good health, but if anyone does have any information on the circumstances surrounding the situation we would love to her from them on 01481 257261.'

'We actually have a number of animals and quite a few birds including chickens looking for homes which you can see in the Art Exhibition room at the Shelter which is unveiled tomorrow at 10am by Rob Moore.'

Jen Bradshaw GSPCA Night Warden said 'We often have calls in the early hours of the morning to rescue animals, but it's usually animals that have escaped from their homes, field or enclosure.'

'The GSPCA are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and thankfully the birds are being well cared for now.'

The Chickens which have now been called Doughnut, Duchess and Muffin will remain at the Shelter for a minimum of 7 days and if no information comes forward we will look to rehome them.

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