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Last week we held our ninth volunteer induction of 2017 where we greeted 6 new volunteers keen to help the work of the GSPCA  taking this years inducted volunteers to a total of 130 not including others that have helped from businesses, groups and other organisations.

Last week Ella, Alex, Susan, Kieren, Sharon and Natalie joined the team of which 3 have already started volunteering at the Shelter.

The induction took place with GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who talked to the group about who we are, what we do, the ways volunteers can help and an induction of how to help safely to all the new volunteers who were aged from 13 years upwards.  

Although volunteering at the Animal Shelter starts at 13 for those under 13 they are always welcome to attend and get involved with events and fund raising and we have a number helping this weekend for our Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday.

At the end of the induction many set dates and times to start and the first join us this weekend.

At the end of the induction all were given a certificate of attendance and a pack of information including a hand book.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "We are blessed with so many amazing volunteers that help us around the clock 7 days a week at the GSPCA."

"A warm welcome and thanks for coming from all at the GSPCA to Ella, Alex, Susan, Kieren, Sharon and Natalie."

"We hold regular volunteer inductions for those interested in getting involved with the next set for Monday 7th August at 6.30pm."

"For anyone interested in volunteering or helping please visit or call 257261 for more information."

"Every week we see over 120 volunteers and they help us cover the 24/7 work we carry out 365 days a year, but with over 450 animals in our care there is plenty to do and we are always keen to get those interested involved with the work we do helping thousands of animals every year in Guernsey."

"We regularly see in excess of 50 Duke of Edinburgh placements each week as well as many on back to work schemes, students and other placements from a variety of organisations and we are always happy to help where we can and really appreciate the support for the work we carry out 24/7." 

The upcoming volunteer inductions are set for -

  • Volunteer induction evening Monday 7th August 630pm 
  • Volunteer induction evening Thursday 7th September 630pm 

For more information and additional induction dates please visit or call 257261

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