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Only a day after the warning of rubbish and we have yet another injured bird this time a fishing hook injury.  The razorbill which we have named Bill survived last night after coming in and is doing well in one of our intensive care units with the hook removed we are hopeful that the wound will heal.

What you can do to help to help the animals of Guernsey

Protecting pets, farm animals and wildlife from harmful rubbish is straightforward – simply dispose of your waste responsibly

  1. Recycle and reuse where you can
  2. Otherwise take your rubbish home and put it in a bin.

Everyday objects can become hazards to animals and birds

  • Balloons - Once balloons burst, animals can mistake them for food and can choke. Avoid balloon releases, as the balloons can land anywhere, and cut used balloons into pieces before putting in the bin.
  • Containers and cans- Attracted by leftovers, animals will forage inside and get their heads trapped. Larger animals may get their tongues caught or damaged by sharp edges. Animals such as cats, gulls, rats and dogs often rummage in rubbish bins. Clean cans and containers, drop lids inside cans, and cut containers in half or pinch cans shut. Try to recycle where possible.
  • Elastic bands - These get caught around necks of small animals and beaks of birds. They can also be swallowed, causing an animal to choke. Whenever possible reuse bands, and cut them open before putting them in a bin.
  • Fishing tackle - Line can get caught around legs, wings, necks and beaks, and hooks can pierce skin and muscle or be swallowed causing internal injuries.  Every month the GSPCA have to help birds that have been caught and entangled.

- Take unwanted line home and cut it into small pieces before putting it in a bin.

- Wrap hooks in newspaper before putting in a bin.

  • Glass - Bottles and jars break easily, leaving sharp pieces that can cause serious injury. Animals can get trapped in glass jars. Clean and then recycle glass at a bottle bank.
  • Plastic bags - Animals such as hedgehogs can climb inside and suffocate, or eat them and choke. Tie a knot in all bags before disposing of them or, better still, reuse or recycle. Each bag takes hundreds of years to decompose and are not broken down once eaten so can kill more than one animal.
  • Plastic can holders- Animals can get entangled, causing deep sores, wounds and choking. Always cut the loops before putting in a rubbish or recycling bin. 


Please help keep Guernsey tidy and our animals safe.


We are currently appealing for donations to purchase additional heat pads for our sick and injured animals.  Each pad costs £30 each helps save lives please get in touch if you would like to help.  We are also trying to purchase additional rescue equipment and any donations would help towards purchasing this much need equipment.


Also watch this space for more information on the GSPCA Cupcake Week 25th – 31st March, a way that you, your business, your school, your family, your friends can all help raise funds to help animal welfare in Guernsey.



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