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The GSPCA this Autumn is appealing for homes for some of our Autumn cats.

You may wonder what is an Autumn cat?  Well these are our golden oldies, those cats that are needing a quiet retirement home.

Abigail is one of our Autumn cats not only due to her age but also her tortie colouring.  She came in to the Shelter in May as her last owner could no longer care for her.  She is certainly over 10 years of age but is extremely affectionate and friendly.  She does have a few joint problems so is on pain relief every other day for the rest of her life which could well be for many more years to come.  She would prefer a quieter home due to her age and would be best homed as a house cat with no other pets as she gets a bit grumpy with the other cats our cattery.

Sophie is another Autumn cat looking for an Autumn home.  Again a Autumn tortie colour with double figures in age under her belt.  She is very healthy despite her age and loves attention and sitting on your lap.  She isn't keen on other pets so would like a quiet home where she can get all the attention she wants.

Although Lulu is not Autumn coloured she is in her Autumn years and is a little forgetful.  She came in as she was having accidents in the house and is now on medication which is helping alot.  Due to her age and health she needs to be a house cat where she can get all the love a new home can offer.  She has been at the Shelter since March and would love to find a new home.

When talking of Autumn cats we cannot go without mentioning Victor who has been at the GSPCA since last Autumn.  That's right this little character has been at the Shelter for over a year and staff would really like to find him a new home.  He has bit of a mind of his own and for this reason we are appealing for a farm or stable home environment where after a month or so secure and he knows where he lives, he can have a home where he can come and go when he wants as he certainly isn't a lap cat.

Lastly we are appealing for the owner of a lovely cat that has been at the Shelter for the last two weeks.  Zebedee as Shelter staff have named him is a long haired, blacky/grey and white, very friendly cat that was found as a road traffic accident near to the airport on the 10th October.  When rescued he was covered in blood and after seeing the vet had potential head trauma and a possible fractured pelvis.  Fortunately his pelvis is fine although he is still under close observation and care while he recovers.  If you have lost a cat like Zebedee please contact the Shelter on 01481 257261 or pop in to ask for more details.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We have many cats in their Autumn years of their lives and these are a selection of the special few that have been at the Shelter the longest.' 'Every cat at the Shelter deserves a forever home but often the golden oldies are walked past for the cute kittens.' 'We also really need to find if Zebedee has an owner that is missing him as he is so friendly and has been through so much after being run over.' 'If anyone can help any of these cats please get in touch with the GSPCA.'

Soup Kitchen Tuesday 4th December 2012 at the Town Church in St Peter Port, Guernsey with the GSPCA and Bridge2Sri Lanka.  To download a poster please click here.

Soup Kitchen Tuesday 4th December 2912 at the Town Church in Guernsey with the GSPCA and Bridge2Sri Lanka



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