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Yesterday the GSPCA welcomed the BBC Countryfile team.

We can’t say much as we want to keep what happens as a surprise for the programme.  What you will see is Ellie Harrison the BBC presenter following our Animal Collection Officer Geoff George as well as scenes at the Animal Shelter Wildlife Unit with our new Animal Care Assistants Eddie Higgins and Annie Janes.

The Shelter staff enjoyed working with the film crew and production team.  The GSPCA were very proud showing them the work we do for Guernsey’s wildlife and facilities we have.

Geoff George ACO said ‘It was a fantastic day and they were all lovely.’ 'There will many throughout the UK that won't realise that  for Guernsey's animals we have our very own animal welfare organisation and it was brilliant to show what we do to help them.'

Annie Janes ACA said ‘It was such a good day, I really enjoyed it and they were all so nice.’  ‘I can’t wait to see us and Guernsey on Countryfile it is such a good programme.’

The GSPCA would like to thank the BBC Countryfile team for the opportunity and look forward to the show which will be shown on Sunday 29th January 2012.

(Pictured left to right Annie Janes, Ellie Harrison, Eddie Higgins)





"Can't wait to see it, great to get the message out there of all the fantastic work that is done at the shelter! x"

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