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Every year the GSPCA have to deal with animals after the Christmas period that become discarded or unwanted after being given as gifts on Christmas Day.

With only a few days until Christmas the GSPCA are asking people not to rush out and get a pet for a Christmas present even if its on Santas list.  Instead we ask that the family or household think seriously and if you are looking to bring a new pet into the home then leave it until after the festive period when households return to normal and it is less stressful for a new pet in a new home.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘We have already had a number of calls from people asking if we have kittens and puppies available.’ ‘We actually stop rehoming most of our animals over the festive period in case they are to be presents as the GSPCA disagrees with what is an impulse gift, often with no regard to the animals being given.’

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for family or pets then please pop along to the GSPCA or see us tomorrow night outside Instep in town as we have a lots available that can bring a smile.

We still take reservations on animals over the festive period at the Shelter so if you are serious about adopting a pet then pop in as we have lots of cats, rabbits, gerbils, rats and much more in need of a good home but you will have to be patient and wait until the new year for your new family member.


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