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What an amazing #GSPCAPurpleWeek we have had and still many updates to follow from the amazing support, gifts and events that have taken place to help animals in Guernsey.

The GSPCA are always asking for feedback on the team and for those kind words we issue Certificates of Appreciation to the team and this evening the first of the 71 certificates were handed out.

That’s right an incredible 71 certificates will be issued to GSPCA staff, volunteers, Work to Benefit placements, supporters and amazing helpers all voted by the GSPCA community and supporters.

A lot more pictures will follow but pictured above are GSPCA staff Gilly McClean, Gemma Gaudion, Beckie Bailey, Geoff George, Sarah Langlois, Ali Le Huray, Miffy Lane, Will Domaille, Tim Pellett and Charotte Perry with GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who prepared, signed and presented each with their certificate.

Steve Byre GSPCA Manager said “Today the finale of #GSPCAPurpleWeek ended in celebrating our amazing team.”

“We have an incredible team at the GSPCA and each quarter throughout 2019 we will issue certificates to team members and everyone can get involved and help by sending in kind words and today was the first occasion of this year.”

“It is unbelievable that we have 71 certificates to give out with so many amazing, caring and lovely words said about so many of our team.”

“For those that haven’t had a certificate we still think they are amazing and we couldn’t do so much at the GSPCA without each and every piece of support we receive, every volunteer that helps and every supporter that gives from the smallest amount.”

“You may be wondering what the list is and what each had said about them, well we have it all listed on our website.”

Here is the list and some of the wonderful and kind comments given for their certificates –

GSPCA Staff –

Helen Holmes - 'Helen does everything' & ’Helen is truly amazing! & ’Helen does so much and we all think so much of her.’ & ’Helen does an incredible job and knows so much, she is always willing to help anywhere she is needed.’ & ’Helen is such a star.’ & ’Helen really needs to stay we don’t want her to go!’ 

Beckie Bailey - 'Beckie is so caring with the animals and excellent with the public.' & ’Beckie is always so cheerful and enthusiastic. She is really caring towards all the animals. & ’Beckie is a superstar in so many ways and an amazing member of staff.’

Ali Le Huray - 'Ali is positive and always willing to help where she can.' & ’Ali is very polite and helpful, she takes everything onboard and offers help where she can. She always works hard.’

Yvonne Chauvel - 'Yvonne works hard, helpful with anything and everything! Plus always puts in the extra effort when needed.' & ‘Yvonne is amazing.’

Emma Topley - ‘Always helpful and funny.'

Laura Wade - ‘Laura is always helpful and great to work with.' 

Suzanne Nixon - ‘Suzanne is always cheerful and smiling. She cares so much about the animals and is happy to help anyone.' & ’Always positive and friendly and helps everyone.’ 

Kevin Beausire - ‘Kevin’s happy smiling visage always makes my day.' 

Michelle Champion - ‘Michelle is always being available to help out with anything.' & ‘Michelle is very helpful to customers and will do what she can to help them. She is always answering messages on the facebook page as best she can.’

Geoff George- 'Geoff is great.' & ’His care for the seals is amazing.’ & 'Geoff may have really bad jokes but he is an amazing person helping so many animals and people in Guernsey.'

Terry Buckley - ‘Terry always polite to customers and will go the extra.' & ‘We are so lucky to have Terry on the front desk at the GSPCA.’

Sue Le Goff - ‘Sue is very hardworking, polite to customers and is very organised in the cattery. She is very caring towards the cats.'

Tim Pellett  - ‘For fundraising help and doing so may things around the Shelter not part of his remit and extra volunteering.' & ’Tim is such a great asset to the team, he helps everyone in so many ways.’

Katie Glass - ‘Always so happy and willing.' 

Anna Paint - 'Works hard.'

Will Domaille - 'Always willing to help.' & ’Will did a fantastic job on the water pump.’ & ‘Will is always willing to pressure wash and get the extra places looking good.’

Nicole Morgan - 'Very caring and always helps others and does the best for the animals all the time.'

Seb Goman - ‘Seb has taken on the responsibilities of boarding dogs and in for home dogs with a determination to get things done in a professional manner.' & ‘Seb is so fantastic with the dogs and works really hard to ensure they are looked after well.’

Sarah Langlois - ‘Always bubbly and helpful.' 

Gemma Gaudion - 'Always helpful.' & ’Gemma is such a hard worker and really cares for the animals' 

Lorna Prince - ‘Does so much to help the dogs and their owners in Guernsey.'

Miffy Lane - 'Miffy is a fab member of the team.'

Sarah Kirby - 'Sarah is a great help.'

Gilly McClean - 'Gilly and Charlotte did a great job decorating reception for GSPCA Purple Week.' & 'The other day Gilly was so lovely with someone who had recently lost their animal.'

Charlotte Perry - 'Gilly and Charlotte did a great job decorating reception for GSPCA Purple Week.'

GSPCA Volunteers, Work to Benefit placements and Supporters -

Bob Guillou  '‘Bob takes the ambulance and always willing to help out where he can, does too much to help but it is appreciated.' & 'Great help taking the ambulance at weekend and helps at the Shelter too.' & ’Always helping out where he can.’ & ’Always willing to help out.’ 

Johnathan Robilliard-Slimm -‘John is always happy with whatever jobs need to be done. The guinea pigs love him. He does a great job.

Sheila Cataroche - ‘Once again did hogs with help from a few volunteers and she stayed until they were all done, superstar.' & ’Always steps in to help when we need it.’

Ben Lowndes - ‘For consistently just getting on with every job he is given. Always happy to help out with every department. He is never downbeat.’

Sarah Creasey - 'Thank you for helping with the dog training classes.'

Aofie Bennett - 'Thank you for helping with the dog training classes.'

Jenny Mahy - 'Thank you for helping with the dog training classes.'

Anna Brehaut - ‘Thank you for helping with the dog training classes.' ‘Thanks for being a great dog show judge.’

Matt Hill-Smith and Jen Bradshaw - 'Fantastic volunteers and so caring and helpful.'

Suzy Rose - 'Suzy is such a great warden and does so much and what a lovely Ball.'

Gill and Dave Dunkerley - 'Words can't explain how fab these volunteers are.'

Duncan Cumming - 'Duncan is such a great help on cats.'

Sue Martel - 'Sue does so much for our cats.'

Alex Miller - 'Done so much, we will miss him.'

GSPCA Committee – John Knight, Adele Malpas, Tom Le Pelley, Sam Le Tissier, Steve Ford, Phil Soulsby & Karen Girdlestone - ‘We are very lucky to have such a lovely committee at the GSPCA.

Bridget Henley - 'Bridget is an amazing help.' 

Kieren Trebert - Kieren is such a great help.'

Stephanie Seiffert - 'Steph is a great help and loves our birds.' 

Guy Hardill - 'Such an amazing chap helping at so many events, a real star.'

Stephen Walters - ‘A true superstar, we owe him so much and all his incredible work.' 

Ann Wragg - ‘A true superstar, we owe her so much and all her incredible work.' & 'Ann has helped the GSPCA grounds look amazing.'

Leanne Oliver - ‘Thank you for your time making our fantastic newsletters.' 

Mat Hale - ‘Thank you for all your amazing help with our IT you are a star.'

Community Service & Probation - ‘The team from the Community Service and Probation help us in so many ways, thank you.' 

Work to Benefit team - ‘The team from Work to Benefit help us in so many ways, thank you.' 

Eva Drew - 'Always attends and very helpful.'

Dennis Wherry - 'Such a fantastic dog walker.'

Dani Brouard - 'Such a great help with Geoff and the seals.

Ben Howitt - 'Such an amazing vet who is very much missed.'

Tony Carre - 'A lovely job sorting the towels in the laundry room.'

Gary Trimbee-Laine - 'Such a star and helper at the Animal Seafront Sunday.'

Rosemary Francis - 'A great cat helper.'

Christine Young - 'A great cat helper.'

Cheryl Tough - 'Such a great helper in cats.'

Christopher Reeves - 'A great cat volunteer.'

Rachel Major - 'Such a wonderful volunteer on reception, she is a star.'

Asha Eppelein-Valencia - 'Asha is a fantastic help and really is amazing.

Courtney Hunter - 'Courtney is a fantastic help and loves rabbits.' 

Sylvia Billen - 'Sylvia is a great helper when she is with a member of the team, well done.' 

Steve continued “We are extremely lucky to have such an amazing team and to celebrate those that give so much 146 years since we have been founded was very special.”

“I have no doubt those that created the GSPCA would be very proud of the caring and commitment given by so many, so long since that first day on the 14th February 1873 when we were founded in what was a very different time.”

“I doubt very much they would think that we would have so many exotic animals, such an incredible Shelter, help over 3000 animals through the doors each year and help the community in so many ways.”

“In the early years it was very much about educating those neglecting farm animals, horses and donkeys and education is still key today with the first ever animal care vocational courses in Guernsey starting very soon here at the GSPCA.”

“We would love for the public to send votes in for team members and to make your vote please just send me or let me know the persons name and why you think they deserve a Certificate of Appreciation.”

“A very big thank you to all that have supported #GSPCAPurpleWeek , to all that voted for our team and a huge well done to all those that have received or soon to receive their certificates.”

To see the team of GSPCA staff please click here .

To vote all you need do is send the name of the person and why you think that they should be recognised to -

Email - [email protected]

Postal address:

Mr Steve J Byrne, GSPCA Manager

Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Rue des Truchots
St Andrews
Guernsey, Channel Islands

We thank you in advance for your vote and your time.

We are always interested in your feedback and comments.  To find out more please click here .


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