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The GSPCA are always trying to ensure we match up the right animal for the right home.

Animals come into the Shelter for all sorts of reasons and we have to ensure each is suited to a home that can meet its needs.

The GSPCA is a self-supporting Guernsey charity and we depend on the people of the Island for the funding needed to maintain our work for the animal welfare and rescue work that is carried out 24 hours 7 days a week.

The normal adoption procedure is as follows:-

  1. Fill in a Questionnaire (this is done at reception with a member of staff or can be downloaded from our website ).
  2. Select the Animal You Wish to Adopt with a member of the GSPCA team.  Viewing of Small Animals, Birds and Cats is between 11am and 4.30pm Monday to Saturday. For Dogs please hand or send your form in and a member of the Dog Adoption team will be in touch as soon as they possibly can (Viewing includes having a full history known by the Shelter on the animal being explained as well, as a report of the animals behaviour at the GSPCA and at least one introduction to the animal with all people living in the household before reserving or booking.  Some animals will need further visits after Reservation, please ask for more details).
  3. Once an Animal is Reserved a Home Visit is Arranged (these are done by volunteers and staff and can take an average of 3 to 7 days, if you do not hear anything after 3 days of Reserving an animal please contact the Animal Shelter on 01481 257261).
  4. After the Home Visit Please Await a Call from the GSPCA (this is so that we can ensure that the animal is ready before leaving the Shelter and that a staff member can have all of the adoption forms prepared for you when you arrive).
  5. Appointment Made to Collect Animal (Personal I.D Required, you will be given an adoption pack and a member of staff will go through the adoption forms with you. Please be aware we do have a shop area with a large selection of pet supplies and goods).
  6. Post Home Visit (if required).

The minimum adoption donations are:-







































Any other animals, please ask a member of the GSPCA team.

The adoption donations are only a contribution to the costs of (depending on species), for example, neutering, microchipping, parasite treatment, vaccinations, care and the large running costs of GSPCA Animal Shelter.

We can blood test Cats for FIV / FELV for an additional £30 before adoption if you are interested in having this done.

If you are adopting a Rabbit or Ferret, we neuter if they are old enough before you collect.  We can also microchip them for an additional £4.99. Please let us know before collection and we can get either of these done.

To find out more about the Dog Adoption Procedure please click here.

To find out more about the Cat Adoption Procedure please click here.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We have many animals currently looking for homes including Bonnie the Cat and Tilly and Topsy the Cats who have been with us for over a year and really need a quiet home due to their timid natures.'

'Our longest stay Dog looking for a home is Fluke an older Jack Russell Terrier and he too needs a quieter home.'

'There are many others in need of homes but everyone we have, we want to ensure they go the right homes as each one is different with its own needs, temperament and history.'

'We always try to ensure they are assessed by the team and we look at each potential home on an individual basis.'

'If anyone is looking to adopt a pet then please check some of the 100+ animals needing homes on our website'

For more information please call 01481 257261 or pop into the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

There are many ways to support the work of the GSPCA and you can even donate online by clicking the paypal link below.


Donate with JustGiving and PayPal

If you require further advice please contact the GSPCA on 257261

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The following are events planned for 2013




For more details

Details to follow

Bric-A-Brac, Clothes, Coffee & Snacks at the Shelter


Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

Pet Supplies & GSPCA Goods on sale at the GSPCA Reception


Wednesday 20th November 6.30pm

 Volunteer Induction Evening at the Animal Shelter


 Sunday 17th November

Round Table Christmas Fair - a stall with all sorts of goods and tombola


December Thursdays

Late Night Shopping GSPCA Stall in town


Date and details to be confirmed

Christmas Fair


16th to 21st December 2013

Christmas Pop Up Shop on Smith Street thanks to OSA Recruitment


January 2014

Start of the Animal Care Course with WEA at the GSPCA



To find out about how to become a Member, Sponsor an Animal Pen, our Wish List, Corporate Sponsorship & Volunteering, Events, our Cattery Appeal and much more please click here.


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