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Every day the GSPCA rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals and the summer months are certainly the busiest time of year.

This year we have extra help thanks to Situation Recruitment.  Once a month a member of their staff spends a day at the Shelter.  Whilst at the GSPCA they are helping care for the hundreds of animals and birds at the Shelter.

Andrew Partlow popped along for his first day last Friday and within minutes of arriving found himself scrubbing the many bowls down on the hedgehog unit.

Andrew spent the day helping in many of the departments cleaning out, exercising animals and generally assisting the team with a variety of their duties.

Andrew said ‘What a fantastic day.  I really enjoyed myself and I got to help care for many of the animals at the Shelter.’

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘We are so grateful to Situations Recruitment as not only does a member of their staff help at the Shelter each month, but they support the GSPCA by sharing our appeals and stories online.’  ‘Andrew got stuck in and wasn’t fazed by all the animal excrement he had to pick up and he was a great help.’

If your group or business would like to find out about spending a day at the Shelter please go to -

If you would like to volunteer then to find out more details here -

Would your business like to have a member of staff dress up in a mascot suit and race for your business on the 9th September for the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday?  For more details please email [email protected]


To see Situations Recruitments website -

If you would like to become a member or donate monthly please -

Become a member or donate monthly

We are looking for businesses or individuals to sponsor the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday on the 9th September.  If you are interested please email Steve Byrne on [email protected] call 01481 257261 or pop into the Animal Shelter.  To find out more about the day please -

Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday


If you would like to donate online to help cats like Deacon you can do so by going to our fundraising page -

Donate here

To find out how to knit a mouse for a homeless cat -

Knit a mouse for a homeless cat



Telephone - 01481 257261




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