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With the run up to Christmas we slow our rehoming as the GSPCA doesn’t believe in pets as presents.  We have already had a number of calls from people asking if we have any puppies or kittens that can be adopted over Christmas and we would like to remind everyone that an animal is for life and is not a gift item that is thought of as a surprise gift.

Also our opening times alter due to the public holidays.

We have officially stopped rehoming animals until the New Year although if you are interested we still take reservations and bookings for those interested in adopting one of the animals in our care.

The reason we stop rehoming over the festive period is that to settle a new pet is best done when a household is not too busy with all the comings and goings that Christmas can bring. 

We will make exceptions to households where there will be very little disruptions for animals that would be suitable after a home visit but with rescue animals it is rare for this to be the case.


Tuesday 20th December 2011



Wednesday 21st December 2011



Thursday 22nd December 2011



Friday 23rd December 2011



Saturday 24th December 2011

Christmas Eve


Sunday 25th December 2011

Christmas Day


Monday 26th December 2011

Boxing Day


Tuesday 27th December 2011

Bank Holiday


Wednesday 28th December 2011



Thursday 29th December 2011



Friday 30th December 2011



Saturday 31st December 2011

New Years Eve


Sunday 1st January 2012

New Year Day


Monday 2nd January 2012

Bank Holiday

The opening hours reflect our normal business activities such as the shop area and private boarding enquiries, drop off and pick ups.  In the case of emergencies, calls regarding sick or injured animals then please contact us on 01481 257261.

If anyone would like to drop any donations or gifts off for the animals over Christmas there are staff on site but please try to do so during daylight hours.

We would like to thank everyone for their support over 2011 and wish all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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