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Each quarter staff and volunteers are nominated for certificates of appreciation for their hard work and commitment by one another, our supporters and general public.

For the Summer quarter here are the nominations and the reasons for those nominations –


Terry Buckley – ‘A star and a half in reception. So patient and kind with a good sense of humour. What more could you ask?’

Sue Le Goff – ‘Hard working and makes a good cuppa.’

Sarah Ozanne – ‘She is always happy to help anyone and willing to adapt her work schedule to cover other departments.’

Kip Power – ‘Kip is such a clever man making fantastic things for the Shelter and our animals.’

Sarah Creasey - ‘Sarah is always willing to help wherever she is needed.’

Geoff George – ‘It’s great to have staff like Geoff with so much experience.’

Yvonne Chauvel – ‘We are so lucky to have someone like Yvonne that is so experienced and always willing to teach what she knows.’

Lorna Prince – ‘Helped run an amazing Seafront Sunday for so many pet owners.’

Helen Holmes – ‘Helen is so wonderful helping at all the events and always friendly and helpful with everything she does.’

Darren Monday – ‘Darren has been a real star helping at many of the events and especially at the recent Bingo Nights where he runs around a lot.’


Bridget Henley – ‘Willing to help any time at the Shelter and in events.’

Rachel Burton – ‘Rachel is a fantastic member of the dog training team, working tirelessly to help them overcome problems with their canine companions. Can’t thank her enough.’

Joe Streeting – ‘Dedicated. Comes in every day and hard working.’ ‘Joe is a wonderful volunteer who is always happy to help.  He is also very cheerful and hard working.’

Billie Mariah Le Poidevin – ‘Billie has been a great help in many areas and a huge help at the Pop Up Shop.’

Jen Bradshaw and Matt Hill-Smith – ‘From the Seafront Sunday to Wardening at night Matt and Jen are a great help to the GSPCA.’

Natalie Randall – ‘Nat has helped so much over the last few months.’

Joshua Harvey – ‘From dressing as a giant animal to walking the dogs Josh has been a great help in his first few weeks at the GSPCA.’

Bethany Bourgaize – ‘Bethany and her Dad were a huge help on the Seafront Sunday and helped make it a great day.’

Emma Bourgard – ‘Emma is always reliable, friendly and helpful with owners at puppy training. She’s a star.’

Jo Fox – ‘Jo has been a fantastic help over the Summer helping raise funds for the GSPCA.’

Joseph Fox – ‘At only 5 years of age Joseph is without doubt the youngest fund raiser who has helped at more events than any other volunteer, a huge thank you to this young man.’

Zara Baudains – ‘At only 12 years of age Zara has been a great help at many of the Summer Shows and events and she even dressed as a donkey for the Flag Day.’

Guy Hardill – ‘For helping make a fantastic Mascot Race at the Seafront Sunday.’

Special Award

Greenman MCC – ‘A huge thank you to all from the Greenman MCC for all of their help and especially with the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday 2014.’

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We are so blessed at the GSPCA with such an amazing team of staff, volunteers and supporters.”

“The nominations for our quarterly commendations come from supporters, the public and the team, but we must thank each and every person involved and that supports the Animal Shelter and the 24 hour 7 day a week work that we carry out.”

“The next volunteer induction is on the 22nd October but with World Animal Day on Saturday we have lots going on this week and to get involved please do get in touch.”

“If you would like to nominate someone for the next round of awards please email me on [email protected], leave the information at the reception desk or by post to the Shelter.

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