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Despite thousands of seabirds dying over the last 2 months the GSPCA can report on some good news that another 9 guillemots were successfully returned back to the wild last week.

The 9 birds were able to join another group back in the wild which were released two weeks previously.

Last Wednesday Cobo (caught by a dog at Cobo), Geoff (rescued weak at Ladies Bay), Giles (rescued weak at Grande Rocque), Gordon (found oiled on Petit Port), Grannie (found weak at Grande Rocque), Jethou (found oiled on Jethou), Robin (found oiled at Bordeaux), Saints (found oiled at Saints Bay) and Tinkerbell (found oiled near the Fairy Ring) were released below Castle Cornet in St Peter Port.

The Shelter has had a really busy few months and still has the two seal pups and many other birds still under rehabilitation.Guillemot release in Guernsey GSPCA

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'We had another lovely release last week.'

'The seabirds have had it really bad but this is what we are here for at the GSPCA.'

'8 of the birds really shot straight out but Tinkerbell is one of the cheecky guillemots and she was quite funny not knowing exactly what to do.'

'We're still appealing for donations towards the fish for the seals and other birds in our care and thank you to everyone that has already donated.'

Big Fish Appeal for the GSPCA seal and seabirds at the Animal Shelter in Guernsey


Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'If you find a sick or injured sea bird please call us on 257261 and if you find any that have died the Alderney Wildlife Trust is after the information and always has advice on their website.'

'It's been a hard time for so many animals and birds over the last few months and we all hope this good weather will continue for their sake.'

To see advice on what to do if you find an oiled seabird please click here.

To visit the Alderney Wildlife Trust page for advice on dead birds and reporting them please click here.

To donate to the seabirds and seal pups Trinity and Edens Big Fish Appeal please call 01481 257261, pop along to the Animal Shelter in St Andrews, by post or by clicking the link below.

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We will of course keep you up to date with Trinity and Edens progress and keep your eyes open for pictures and videos.

To see pictures of the release please click the link below:



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