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Friday we were called out to assist with what started as 2 hamsters and was 16 on Friday and 24 by the end of yesterday  As you read this it is still increasing as three have given birth and we are up to 36 syrian baby and adult hamsters.   Thankfully the owner of these hamsters asked for the GSPCAs help but if it had been left any longer then it would certainly have increased and could have easyily been into the hundreds.  Emma Trousdale the GSPCA welfare officer went to assist and with the help of the staff we have now seperated them into individual cages to prevent any further breeding.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'Every year hamsters are purchased from pet shops and breeders which are bought as pairs or single females that end up pregnant and multiply extremely quickly.'  'It is important before anyone thinks about taking on any pet that they research their needs and give them appropriate accomodation to avoid situations such as this.' 'There are thousands of unwanted pets every year in Guernsey and we need to ensure responsible pet ownership and stop indiscriminate breeding such as this.'

We are currently checking them all over and they seem well.  We will soon be looking for good homes for them all but the babies are only literally days old.  Anyone that is interested and doesn't have cages or the equipment then we can order this in at the shelter.

We would like to thank RH Gaudions Pet and Animal Feed for their kind donation and support but we still need more small bowls, feed, bedding and large hamster cages if anyone can help.

If anyone can give one of these fury little friends a home then we would ask them to call 01481 257261 or email [email protected]

The pictures attached are of Welfare Officer, Emma Trousdale and Geoff George, Animal Collection Officer with two of the many syrian hamsters.

Baby hamsters


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