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Harry the hoglet is happy and well this morning and is already off on a little adventure.  After a night in the care of the GSPCA Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager has spoken to Dawn at Guernsey Hedgehog Rescue Centre who has agreed to take the little hoglet into their care.

The GSPCA take in all sorts of wildlife but the Hedgehog Centre has over a hundred hedgehogs and Harry will need to learn to grow up with little friends.  Steve after speaking to Dawn this morning has arranged for transportation so Harry can be taken in by Dawn and her fantastic team of volunteers.

Like the GSPCA The Hedgehog Centre relies completely on donations from the kind people of Guernsey.  To find out how to support the GSPCA click here and to find out more about the Guernsey Hedgehog Centre click here

Guernsey Hedgehog Rescue Centre

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