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Meg and Tyve (pronounced Teeva) came to live with us on 28th May 2011. They were daunted by the all the new sights and smells but slowly they're settling in. They get so much attention from our friends, they're turning into spoilt little fuzzbugs!

Tyve is the Norwegian word for thief, and she's living up to her name.  Don't leave your shoes/ pens/ wallet lying around as she''s likely to take it and stash it!  She's not settled too well.  She hates our shoes and attacks them with a vengeance!  We've had some nasty bites from her but I'm being persistent with “time-out” in the cat carrier where she calms down and then comes out to play again. Tyve loves to potter around in the bath and is known to get quite sleepy in there!  She can pick up some crazy speeds on our walks and can't get enough malt paste!  They say that ferrets speak with their teeth, Tyve is definitely shouting at the moment!

Meg came out of her shell quickly and her biting turned to nips, which has now turned into ferret-style grooming, which can take some people by surprise as she nibbles her way up your arm! She loves running around at the park and going for jaunts through the woods on the nature trails, but she's not too keen on the beach. I think she's scared of the seagulls! Meg is in love with our cat and we've also recently discovered that she loves bubbles. We blow them for her and she jumps around chuckling trying to catch them which is very entertaining, then looks confused once they've popped and disappeared. A bubble machine is on our list of things to buy! Tyve prefers her own company and enjoys, “dusting” behind our furniture!

We've noticed that Tyve is incredibly reliant on Meg and gets very distressed when they're separated. They're booked in to be spayed next week so we will have to divide their cage in two so they can't get at each other's stitches. We know Tyve won't like this but hopefully she'll gain a little independence during their separation.

It's only been three weeks but they've already got a place in our hearts and we can't wait to see them grow and settle.




"Call it Panama (long story made short: there is a fun kids-comic from Germany with some animals, and a story about Panama and a bnnaaab4s box one of them gets in love with Panama because the bnnaaab4s smell, and keeps saying I love Panama is the land of my dreams I love Panama . I named my first dog Panama , and kept saying I love Panama . Your soft toy made me remember the story and my dog."
"I'm so glad Meg and Tyve are having a lovely time and are settling in - these things take time but I'm sure they are very happy to have such an attentive new owner and will really enjoy living with you!"

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