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On 22nd August a very poorly Barn Owl was rescued from a bin in Herm and brought over to Guernsey and care of the GSPCA.

Over the last 3 weeks the GSPCA team have been caring for the bird which was named ‘Blucher’.

Blucher after arrival was cared for in an intensive care unit and was very weak but after weeks of care was strong enough to go into an outer rehabilitation aviary.

When Blurcher was deemed fit enough for release an identification ring was placed of his leg and the trip back to Herm island was planned.

Beckie Bailey who was one of Blurchers Animal Care Assistant’s volunteered to take the Barn Owl back to the wild on her day off and from all of the GSPCA we have to say a huge thank you to Travel Trident for the free trip for Blurcher and Beckie over to Herm for the release.

We must also say a thank you to the Herm island team who gave Beckie and Blurcher a lift to the top of Belvoir Hill for the release.

Beckie Bailey Animal Care Assistant said “What a very successful release!”

“Blurcher flew off beautifully!”

“We released her at Ben’s seat in Herm and she flew down towards the woodland area near Belvoir and it was just magical!”

“The trident gave us a free pass to take her over and Herm Island who kindly arranged transport up to the location.”

“We had a few Herm residents watch the release including Luke the man who found the owl at the bottom of the bin.”

“The Herm kids helped me put some mice around to give the owl the option to eat them .... we released her about 5:15pm just as dusk was closing in.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “We have seen quite a few birds of prey and owls this year and we do help a number of animals from herm each year.”

“We always strive to get wild animals released in the area where they were found if suitable and it was wonderful to see Blurcher being released back on Herm where she belongs.”

“Last month we released the plans for the first ever Wildlife Hospital in the Channel Islands which would have facilities for birds like Blurcher.”

“The new Wildlife Hospital is designed to replace many of our old buildings which some date back to the 1940’s and have become difficult to maintain and repair and have modern and state of the art facilities for the 2000+ wild animals and birds we help 24/7 365 days a year.”

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