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On the 9th February the GSPCA rescued an oiled Puffin from Lihou, also two oiled Guillemots one called Valentine on the 14th February from Fort George and Tara from Portinfer Clay Pigeon on the 12th February.

With the three birds having been fully rehabilitated a trip today was taken to the back of Herm past Shell Beach to Puffin Bay thanks to Island Rib Voyages

The GSPCA are currently fund raising for a new Wildlife Hospital and to buy a brick or support this build go to –

Also in 2023 we are running a Puffin Parade and to sponsor a 4 foot puffin with the GSPCA and Autism Guernsey go to -

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “It is rare for us to rescue puffins as they spend most of their life out at sea, and it is extremely rare for them to survive in captivity long enough to rehabilitate them so today is a very big day as it’s the first ever Puffin release from the GSPCA.”

“In February we rescued an oiled puffin which we named Pedro and was found on Lihou.”

“He’s done really well with his rehab thanks to the GSPCA team although there were moments we were very worried.”

"Pedro has made two guillemot friends that were rescued covered in oil around the same time and as they are all ready the decision was made to release them all at the same time."

“What a lovely sunny day it was to release Pedro, Tara and Valentine.”

“The sea was a little lumpy and when we pulled into Puffin Bay our Supervisor Yvonne Chauvel was on Herm to watch to release.”

“It went so well, we opened the door and lowered the carrier to the sea surface and the guillemots jumped into the water first.”

“Pedro then came to the door had a quick check and jumped in.”

“His face was a picture and it was fantastic to watch Pedro preening and enjoying himself.”

“Tara and Valentine stayed close to each other and we watched them dive and fly from one place to another, it was truly magical.”

“As always a huge thanks to Dan, Laura and the team at Island Rib Voyages for their help in the release.”

“There are lots of ways to support birds like Pedro from donating to their care, helping towards our new Wildlife Hospital to supporting our wildlife build to we are looking for 60 sponsors to support our Puffin Parade in 2023 with Autism Guernsey.”

“If you find any injured wildlife you can call us 24/7 on 01481 257261 and choose the emergency option number ‘2’.”

Yvonne Branquet GSPCA team member and carer of Pedro and friends said “It has been a long journey getting Pedro, Tara and Valentine from being covered in oil to how fit the are now.”

“It has been wonderful to see them improve each day and to get them ready for the wild.”

“Thanks to Chris Mourant all three birds have been fitted with identification rings and we hope they have a long life back in the wild.”

“It was amazing to see Pedro, Tara and Valentine being released back to the wild.”

“They stayed about for us to watch them which was so nice.”

“It was such a great experience although we got a little wet.”

Dan Meinke from Island Rib Voyages said “We have helped the GSPCA many times from rescuing a seal on Jethou to transporting them for release but this was the first puffin we have ever had on board.”

“It is really important those traveling around the back of Herm lower their speed as the puffins nest and feed in the area.”

“In fact there are puffin buoys indicating a limit of 6 knots and is really important to protect the wildlife.”

“Well done to the GSPCA and it was a pleasure to help and anyone wanting to know about our wildlife trips please do check out our website or do get in touch.”


Puffins have a black back and white underparts, and distinctive black head with large pale cheeks and a tall, flattened, brightly-coloured bill.

Its comical appearance is heightened by its red and black eye-markings and bright orange legs. With over 500,000 pairs half of the UK population is at only a few sites and they are on Amber List species.

Puffins Latin name is Fratercula arctica and the are from the Auks (Alcidae) family.

Adults arrive back at their breeding colonies in March and April and leave again in mid-August. Some remain in the North Sea at winter, whilst others move further south to the Bay of Biscay.

Puffins feed on fish, especially sandeels.

To visit the Island Rib Voyage website please go to

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager continued “We are absolutely delighted at the GSPCA to be teaming up with Autism Guernsey for the ‘Puffin Parade’ in 2023.”

“In 2023 we will be celebrating 150 years helping animals in Guernsey which include puffins.”

“This spectacular event will be a great celebration of our 150th anniversary in the Island.”

“Puffins are a comical looking bird which many islanders really love and we are looking for businesses or groups to sponsor each of the 60 puffins.”

“The plan is that over the winter artists will decorate the puffins and in April when the puffins return to our shores to breed we will launch the ‘Puffin Parade’ so we can all enjoy the fabulous work of our local talented artists.”

“The ‘Puffin Parade’ will see each of the 60 puffins placed around Guernsey until the end of the Summer when we will have a fabulous event to auction each of the puffins to raise much needed funds for Autism Guernsey and the GSPCA.”

“More than 30 have already been sponsored so less half way there so those interested need to get their details in as soon as possible.”

“Please do get in touch with Autism Guernsey or the GSPCA if you would like to know more about this fabulous event.”

To see the birds back in the wild check out this video


An opportunity to become involved in a major community event

In 2021 Autism Guernsey and the Guernsey Adult Literacy Project organised the Goat Trail which was extremely successful and raised over £80,000 for the charities.

Autism Guernsey and the GSPCA are now organising a further parade for 2023 – the Puffin Parade.

When deciding on what kind of statue to use for this event, it was agreed that we would keep to the theme of animals and birds synonymous with the Bailiwick.  Therefore it was agreed that we would use Puffins, although larger than their normal size.

Photographs have been taken of Puffins and these will be used by the model makers to create a mould from which the fibreglass models will be made. It is anticipated they will arrive in Guernsey during the summer of 2022 when they will be handed over to local artists, designers and community groups who will decorate them.

At the start of April 2023 they will go ‘on parade’ at locations around the island to coincide with the Puffins’ arrival in Herm. A map, available from the the Bus Terminus and hotels, will be created indicating their locations. They will remain in their positions until September when they will be auctioned, all proceeds going to Autism Guernsey and the GSPCA.

We are seeking individuals or organisations who would be prepared to sponsor the puffins at a cost of £1,000 each. The sponsorship covers the cost of manufacturing the puffin and transport costs.

The intention is to involve as much of the community as possible - although some puffins will be painted by local artists, others will be decorated by community groups and schools, ensuring that this local art project involves and inspires large numbers of local people.

What’s in it for the sponsor?

The puffins will be fitted to plinths to which will be fixed plaques detailing the name of the sponsor and the designer/painter.

The map, showing the location of all the puffins, will include the names of the sponsors. The map will be freely available to locals and visitors alike. This map will also be put on our Website and Facebook pages, and sponsors can then share it on their own social media sites.

There will also be an App and written quiz on sale at venues around the Island such as hotels, cafes, entertainment centres etc. whereby entrants have to name the locations of the puffins, the sponsors and the artists.

By ‘adopting’ one of the puffins, your company name will be presented in a totally different way. Positioned in locations all over the island, the puffins will be immediately striking, eye-catching and memorable. They will have genuine ‘stopping power’.   We know from the previous trail that visitors and locals enjoy seeing all the painted statues and that footfall increases in those locations where the statues are placed.

This will be a major community project with high impact. The puffins will be ‘on parade’ for many months and will inevitably attract considerable media interest.

Should they wish, sponsors will have the opportunity to brief the artist on the design of ‘their’ puffin to ensure the design reflects their particular business. It may also be appropriate that the puffin is located at or near the sponsor’s place of business.

There is also the option for the sponsor to buy the puffin after the parade so that it can take up permanent residence in the organisation.  The only stipulation is that the design does not include names or logos since these could limit the attraction to potential bidders at the auction.

Should you require any further information, or if you would like to reserve a puffin, please contact Mandy Rowlinson at Autism Guernsey on 232879 or [email protected] or Steve Byrne at the GSPCA on 257261 or [email protected]

The Puffin Parade website will launch soon with more information


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