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With the exceptionally warm weather it has been exceptionally busy at the GSPCA.

One of the biggest casualties being effected have been hedgehogs and the GSPCA is appealing for islanders to do all they can to help our prickly friends.

From dehydrated baby hedgehogs to those covered in fly eggs and maggots we have helped 32 hedgehogs since the start of this month.

Two baby hoglets that were found dehydrated close to death were Minnie and Britany who has her picture above.

Britany was found very weak on Queens Road on Sunday and Minnie came in so flat she could hardly move, found on Rohais de Haut, but after around the clock care and specialist milk both are now doing well.

It is important that wildlife has access to fresh water in hot weather, especially our hedgehogs and the GSPCA is urging islanders to pop a shallow bowl out to help those thirsty spiky friends.

It is important to put water out and NOT milk as this can make hedgehogs unwell.

Food sources that can also help hedgehogs in this weather is Spikes tinned or trayed hedgehog food which is on sale at the GSPCA and other local pet stores or tinned cat food, but NOT those containing fish. Tinned wet food helps rehydrate hedgehogs with the moisture content while giving them the nutrients they require.

We have had a number of hedgehogs found with injuries from strimmers, lawn mowers and hedge cutters and it is important to help hedgehogs by checking the areas you are cutting before you start.

For those hedgehogs in gardens that are not so lucky, they often find their cuts quickly covered in the warm weather with flies laying their eggs which hatch into maggots.

If you find any sick or injured hedgehogs then they will need the help of the GSPCA.

The easiest way to pick up a prickly hedgehog is by covering them with a towel, jumper or coat so you don’t get spiked and then placing them into a box or container with air holes.

The GSPCA in St Andrews is manned 24/7 and our 24/7 emergency helpline for our Animal Ambulance is 257261.

With 107 hedgehogs currently in our care and with our foster carers hand rearing, we are extremely busy caring for many that are already sick or injured with more coming in every day and night.

It is important if you see a hedgehog out during the day to give us a call for advice as it may well need help as they are rarely awake foraging during daylight hours, although mothers occasionally can be seen in the day trying to eat extra to help care for their young.

With over 550 hedgehogs through the doors last year and 179 through the doors already this year we want to thank all those that have found hedgehogs in need and rescued them and also to those that help hedgehogs by putting out fresh food, water and even hedgehog houses as well as keeping wild areas for them to live and use.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “The last few weeks we have been exceptionally busy and especially with baby birds and very dehydrated hedgehogs and many found with injuries from gardening tools.”

“On Thursday night we had a hoglet so dehydrated she could hardly move and on Sunday night another.”

“With our intensive care units, regular special hedgehog milk and a lot of care I managed to ensure both Minnie and Britany got back on their feet and we have many baby hoglets currently in our care.”

“All of the GSPCA team are appealing to islanders to think about pets and wildlife during this exceptionally warm weather.”

“We have seen so many hedgehogs being cut by garden tools and covered by maggots, babies weak from dehydration and many over burdened in ticks and fleas.”

“We are now into the very busy hedgehog period that we see each year as many babies are born and many are injured by gardening.”

“From putting out fresh water for hedgehogs to wet food like Spikes or tinned cat food, but not fish, can also really help.”

“There are many other great snacks from meal worms to nuts but with the warm weather food with moisture content is much better for them.”

“We are on site at the GSPCA 24/7 and have our emergency line 257261 so if you find a hedgehog in need we are here to help.”

For advice on what to do if you see a wild animal injured or sick please call 257261 or check out these helpful web pages -

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