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The GSPCA would like to say a huge thank you to the Petplan Charitable Trust.

As a result of our recent Urgent Kennel Appeal the Petplan Charitable Trust have donated £5,000 to this must needed and urgent work.

Over the last two months much needed work on the kennel floors has taken place, but this uncovered major drain and structural issues.

Our kennels which were built in 2005 had a vinyl flooring put down which had sadly got to a point recently where new flooring was desperately needed which has been taking place since mid May. 

The first two sections required more work than expected and a few concerns were raised, but the work was undertaken and repairs carried out.

The last three sections of 17 kennels however on investigation meant major structural work to the drains and flooring being completely dug out and replaced.

This has resulted in the time frame for the work going from two weeks to over weeks 4 weeks and caused a huge challenge and additional financial costs.

It is estimated a cost of an additional £20,000 on top of the original £45,000 to ensure the kennels, drains, floors and concrete are to the standard required and we have been appealing for any help with this work.

We are overjoyed to the Petplan Charitable Trust for their generosity and to those that have donated to this much needed and essential work and we continue to appeal for support to help cover the costs this huge work has incurred.

To help donate to this much needed and essential work to help the dogs of Guernsey and those in our care by donating via –

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We cannot express our gratitude enough to all that have donated to our Urgent Kennel Appeal and especially to the Petplan Charitable Trust.”

“The Petplan Charitable Trust have kindly donated £5000 towards the work which was so essential to be done and we cannot thank them enough for their support.”

“The first 14 kennels although a little extra work was required were fairly straight forward, but as we have investigated further under and around the drains to the last 21 kennels they have had to be completely ripped out and completely replaced.”

“It was a good job we found the problems now as in a number of years it could have caused horrendous structural problems.”

“Due to the huge amount of additional work each kennel will have cost approximately £2,000 each and we continue to appeal for any help with donations towards this unforeseen and much needed work.”

“At the GSPCA 1000’s of dogs come through our care each year from those cruelly treated to those attending our dog training classes, strays to those on their holidays, those rescued from emergency situations to those looking for new homes and this new flooring will help all of these dogs each year and many more.”

“One of the lucky dogs in our care looking for a forever home is Benji was the first to enter one of the wonderful finished new kennels.”

“Benji is 14 years of age and we see dogs of all shapes and sizes and even those that have been cruelly treated.”

“The biggest case in recent years was that of the 25 Slovakian puppies seized at the port which if they hadn’t of been stopped then it is likely that some may well have died and all were suffering during their journey due to a lack of food, water and care.”

“All of those puppies were in our care for many months and without our kennels then we wouldn’t have been able to house them and find them new homes.”

“To help with this essential appeal we have set up a Just Giving Page to help with the funds still needed for this work and every penny really helps and here it is - .”

“Or you can donate via our paypal page - call 01481 257261 or at the GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8UD.”

“If there any businesses that would like to donate to a section we would love to hear from them.”

"Scruffy the westie who is in one of the newly floored and refurbished kennels will soon be off to his new home and I know he would like to say thank you to the Petplan Charitable Trust as he has enjoyed his stay with the GSPCA."

“A huge thank you to all that have supported us with this work to help the dogs at the GSPCA from them and us it is hugely appreciated.”

Other ways to donate are via our paypal page -

Call 01481 257261

At the Shelter or by post - GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8UD.

To visit the Petplan Charitable Trust webpage please go to -

To find out how your business could help us at the GSPCA

To donate to the animals in our care please visit - 

To become an Angel Pen Pal Sponsor to sponsor the hoglets and support our work please visit -

To see our Wish List on our website please visit -

For other fund raising ideas and ways to support please visit -

Our next Volunteer Induction Evening is on Monday 2nd July and for details

To find out about our Going, Going, Gone Wild conservation project, Memorial Garden & Poison Garden projects with St Andrews Floral Group please visit -


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