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With only a matter of weeks before Temperance the seal pup is planned to be released the GSPCA received a seal pup from Jersey in the early hours of this morning.

‘Iris’ as the grey seal pup has been named, was rescued yesterday in Jersey which is completely out of season to when grey seals are born and are rescued.

With grey seal pups they are normally found during the months of December to January, so this is thought to be older than most we deal with and has somehow become ill in as she is extremely emaciated at only 15kg and should be approximately three times her weight at this time of year

British Divers Marine Life Rescue in Jersey rescued and cared for Iris over night and transported her to Guernsey this morning thanks to the boat that delivers the papers where GSPCA Ambulance Collection Officer and Head Carer of Marine Mammals Geoff George was ready to receive Iris who is now in our seal facility at the GSPCA.

Geoff George said “It is extremely unseasonal to see a grey seal pup at this time of year and Iris is extremely emaciated.”

“We collected her just after 6am this morning and we are all quite worried as we don’t know the reasons yet why she is in such a bad condition.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “This morning I helped Geoff carry Iris into our seal unit and we are all puzzled to why she is in such a bad way and we have local and extremely experienced vet John Knight due in to check her over so we can hopefully find out more.”

“It is great that once again we are working together with BDMLR from Jersey as we did last year when we helped Sami the Jersey seal pup who was released on Fathers Days almost a year to the day that we now have Iris.”

“It is extremely early days for Iris as she is horrendously thin and we all have everything crossed for this very poorly seal.”

“All this has happened as we’ve been appealing for fish and preparing to release Temperance the seal pup.”

“We now need fish for two seal pups and really appreciate any support to the care of both Iris and Temperance.”

“The ideal fish is mackerel or herring and it has to be human quality for his health.”

“Temperance is eating 20-30 fish a day and we are currently struggling to find suppliers with enough in stock.”

"We will of course keep everyone up to date on both seal pups."

If you haven't got any fish you can still help by donating to -

Temperance the injured and very poorly grey seal pup was rescued at Beaucette Marina last November has more than tripled his weight and has turned into the fastest swimming seal we have ever had so is now in the last stage of his rehabilitation.

Temperance was the thinnest grey seal pup to be rescued by the GSPCA and it has been a long road in his care to get him fit enough to get him to where he is today.

You can also help by donating online calling us on 257261 or popping into the Shelter in St Andrews.

 Here is information if you find an injured animal you can call us 24/7 on 257261 or check out our wildlife advice pages - “

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