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After a 9 week operation to catch Jessie she was finally caught yesterday as the sun rose in Port Soif.

The poor beagle had been rescued in April from a UK rehoming centre and managed to escape as she had pulled a flexi lead out of the owners hands which spooked her when it hit the floor and she took off.

Since late April the GSPCA have been working with the owners to rescue Jessie and the team at the Animal Shelter were overjoyed yesterday when after a huge operation they were able to catch her thanks to a massive effort and a kind member of public helping.

Just after 6am Jessie was transported back to the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews where she quickly settled and within moments although still timid started snuggling into the team and had a scratch and stroke.

Shortly after Jessie arrived at the Shelter the GSPCA Manager broke the news to the owners who were delighted and excited.

The vet was called in to check Jessie over and Hannah Padley from Isabelle Vets found just a few fleas and one fat tick which was removed.  After a full health check and despite 9 weeks roaming Guernsey all the vet could advise was a flea and worm treatment, bathing a few very small sores from possible brambles or previous ticks and regular feeding, although she was very surprised on how good she actually looked.

Shortly after her vet check Sarah Creasey GSPCA Animal Welfare Education Officer and GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne fitted a new collar and harness onto Jessie.  Jessie had lost her collar in St Andrews whilst she was out over a month ago which had been at the GSPCA ever since.  The team then placed her in a dog crate and transported Jessie to her home where the reunion with her owners stirred emotions and made the 9 week search all worth while.

Within moments and despite 9 weeks stray Jessie made herself at home having a fuss from the owners and enjoying being back where she belonged.

Steve and Sarah had a good chat with the owners helping advise on settling her and caring for her after her ordeal whilst Jessie relaxed and chilled on her comfy bed next to the team and owners.  

Jessie had a very hard 8 years before being adopted by the very experienced rescue dog owners who had only taken her on a couple of weeks before she ran off.

Sarah Creasey Animal Welfare and Education Officer said "The vet visit for Jessie went better than anyone could have expected and she behaved really well."

"I help with the dog training classes at the GSPCA and often go and speak to owners with all sorts of problems with their dogs and it was great to reunite Jessie with her owners and see how quickly she settled, although with her timid nature the owners now have the job of helping her readjust back to daily life."

"We have offered them any help or support they need and she really has a lovely home."

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager "Day and night the team have worked to catch Jessie and it was an amazing feeling to finally secure her yesterday."

"We are so grateful to everyone involved especially Project, Access Scaffolding, States Works, the media, the public and of course the amazing team of staff and volunteers we have at the GSPCA."

"Having followed Jessie and her movements for the last 9 weeks when we finally caught her we couldn't believe how sweet she actually is, although extremely timid."

"The vet visit went really well and Sarah and I took her back to her owners which was lovely to see how much they had truly missed her and how quick she found her feet even though she hadn't been in their care for long."

"It was lovely chatting with Jessie's owners and we are overjoyed that they are back together after such a long ordeal."

"Our social media went viral yesterday and it was heart warming to see hundreds of lovely comments and tens of thousands viewing our posts, pictures and videos."

"Jessie has certainly been one of the highest profile animals we have had this year, but we do still keep the search for Bertie alive and any sightings of a stray schnauzer please do call us on 257261."

"To carry out our 24 hour 7 day a week work costs around £2000 a day and to help us help animals like Jessie you can become an Angel Pen Pal sponsor to help monthly or even donate via our just giving or paypal links, or even by callings us on 257261 as without your support we could help the thousands of animals that come through our doors every year."

"Jessie has touched the hearts of many in Guernsey and from all of the GSPCA a thank you to everyone that has helped and supported us over the last two months."

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Coming soon a day of the life of the trap over the last two months.........

Here are a few videos and pictures -

We are happy to report Jessie has been caught this morning and is safe at the GSPCA ready to go back...

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