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Yesterday at the GSPCA we welcomed a group of 7 Lloyds Banking Group staff at the Shelter and our stall at the West Show.

Colin Penney, Jamie Le Poidevin, Karl Pedersen, Sopie Exall, Justin Walker and Graham Laine arrived just before 9am and after a short induction were set to work.  3 of the Lloyds team helped on site at the GSPCA whilst the other 3 headed to the West Show to meet up with their colleague Lynda Fitzsimons to help raise funds for the Shelter.

For those on site they helped with caring for the many animals on site, cleaning them out, exercising them and at the end of the day the GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne took the group on a tour of the facilities and talked about the work of the Shelter and the plans for the future.

For those helping at the West Show they helped with the many games, selling goods and even dressing up as a Giant Animal with a bucket helping raise funds for the Shelter.

After the tour and before the group left for the day all were thanked and given certificates as a way of gratitude for all of their help and hard work and also so the group could remember their time at the Shelter.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "The team of Lloyds Banking Group staff were a fantastic help yesterday and all seemed to really enjoy their day."

"Our GSPCA stand at the West Show was extremely busy and the help the Lloyds staff gave meant we were able to raise lots of funds for the Shelter."

"For those on site they not only got to help with the many animals in our care but we also showed them behind the scenes of the Animal Shelter here in St Andrews."

"We must also thank Jo Luff from Lloyds who volunteered last week and donated some lovely cup cakes for us to sell on our stand at the West Show."

"This is the fourth group of staff to help from Lloyds Bank this year, meaning 30 of their wonderful team have helped at the GSPCA this year and found out about all the work we do."

"We always love to hear from businesses wanting to support the Animal Shelter from volunteering to sponsorship."

"With only 4 weeks to go until our Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday if you or your business would like to join in with our Giant Animal Mascot It's A Knockout Race raising funds for ourselves and Help a Guernsey Child then we would love to hear from you."

"We are also looking for volunteers to help on Saturday 23rd August and would love to hear from anyone that can help."

"A huge thank you to all the Lloyds Banking Group staff that helped yesterday and of course the others that have helped earlier in the year, it was much appreciated."

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