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Today the team refurbishing our kennels returned 7 amazing looking kennels back to the GSPCA to use for our dogs.

In for a home dog Benji took the first steps into the stunning green floored housing area we have for the dogs in our care and he looks very happy in his smart new area.

The cost per kennel is around £1,450.00 and we must say a huge thanks to those that have donated so far and we would really appreciate any support or help to further fund this much needed work that is required due to deteriorating floor.

By donating £1450 you can help us refloor one of our kennels which will then last for decades. 

The new floors down in our kennels is the biggest project we have for 2018 and the first 7 we are overwhelmed with how nice they look for the dogs staying at the GSPCA.

Through our kennels we help around 200 stray dogs a year, find 30 to 50 dogs new homes, help dogs in emergency situations, rescue dogs that have been neglected or cruelly treated, house dogs for those on their holidays to mention a small selection of why dogs come to stay at the GSPCA.

Benji is one of the dogs in for a home and in the last month we have helped 8 dogs find new and loving homes and have recently seen an increase in calls from the public asking for our help to rehome their dogs.

To donate to this much needed project please visit - or email [email protected] or call 257261 for more details to get involved.

Every penny helps make a huge difference and there other ways to gift or help support our work in helping prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals.

There is some disruption to our normal service and sadly sections of kennels are out of use and we apologise for any inconvenience to those that were hoping to board there dogs and haven’t been able to do so as we close each section in phases over the next two weeks.

The team are nearly a third of a way through the work and we have t say a huge thanks to team from John Lord Specialist Flooring for the fantastic way they are working with the team at the GSPCA.

We also have to say a special thank you to Steve Walters and the Work to Benefit team who have spent weeks preparing the kennels so the new floor could be laid and refurbishing each section as they have been working.

Seb Goma Animal Care Assistant said “Our first section of kennels look fantastic and Benji seems very happy.”

“We have 31 kennels to refurbish in 5 sections at the GSPCA and we have had many dogs come in recently needing our help to find homes.”

“Tomorrow Syd the Jack Russell goes to a new home and nearly every day of the week we help a stray dog so to have our kennels refurbished will be so nice for so many dogs.”

“It will be really nice for the dogs that come and spend their holidays with us and some of those staying have also moved into the first section of newly refurbished kennels today.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “The first section of 7 kennels that have been refurbished look absolutely amazing and we are so please but we are still appealing for donations to help with the other sections.”

“The floors are a lovely grass green colour which really does give a natural feel and will much improve the stay and care of the dogs while they say at the GSPCA.”

“We are sorry for the disruption to customers who board their dogs at the Shelter as 31 of our kennels are being refurbished."

"This is such a massive project as each kennel floor is costing a little over £1450 but once complete this will last for decades and ensure that our dogs have a great stay whilst in our care."

“We must say a huge thanks to those that have donated so far and we continue to appeal for funds to help with this essential work to help the dogs of Guernsey and the work of the GSPCA.”

“The team from John Lord Specialist Flooring have been fantastic and their work is looking amazing too.”

“We must say a very special thanks to Steve Walters and the Work to Benefit team for all the preparation and refurbishments they have been doing at no cost at all to the GSPCA, we are so grateful to this wonderful team.”

"There are 5 sections of kennels made up of a section of 4, section of 6 and 3 sections of 7 kennels and any businesses that would like to support a kennel or section we would love to hear from them and would happily dedicate a plaque to that area."

"The work is now planned to be completed in the next 10 days or so, all being well and good as we are trying to minimise any disruption and we thank all for your patience during this time."

"From the cruelty cases of dogs in our care that have been neglected or mistreated to the 150-200 strays we help, those boarding that help raise the funds to run the Shelter to those in for rehoming our kennels see thousands of dogs through them every year."

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