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This Monday at 630pm we have our 11th  volunteer induction and invite all to come and join us to find out more about helping at the GSPCA.

This year alone we have inducted 132 new volunteers, placements and work through these inductions and are graced with an average 120 volunteers each week but with over 500 animals in our care there is always plenty to do.

All are welcome, although for those wanting to help onsite at the Shelter the minimum age is 13.

For volunteers under 13 we have a huge amount of events taking place which they can help at with a parent or guardian.

In fact this Saturday we have a Flag Day at Alliance and we are at Fairfields for the Paws for Support event and looking for volunteers to help and this Sunday our Peter Rabbit Beau Cinema event which we will set up from 12pm for both, please just come along.

The induction starts at 630pm and takes around 90 minutes and after a talk you get the chance to chat to a member of the team and set a date to start volunteering.

There are some key roles we are looking for new volunteers which include –

  • Gardening & Conservation Volunteers
  • Charity Shop Volunteer
  • Volunteer Ambulance Wardens – especially Saturday and Sunday between 8am and 6pm
  • Maintenance and Grounds Work Volunteers
  • Cattery Volunteers
  • Kennel Volunteers
  • Small Animal Care Volunteers – especially rabbit and guinea pigs
  • Wildlife Volunteers
  • Reptile Volunteers
  • Dog Training Volunteers
  • Flag Day Volunteers
  • Fund Raising Volunteers
  • Volunteer Support Worker
  • Volunteer Receptionists
  • Volunteer Membership & Angel Pen Pal Secretary
  • Volunteer Cleaners
  • Volunteers to dress up as Giant Animal Mascots

The upcoming volunteer inductions are set for – 

  • Monday 1st October 2018 Volunteer Induction Evening Starts 630pm until approximately 815pm 
  • Monday 5th November 2018 Volunteer Induction Evening Starts 630pm until approximately 815pm 
  • Tuesday 4th December 2018 Volunteer Induction Evening Starts 630pm until approximately 815pm

Often volunteers are interested in working at the GSPCA and we are currently recruiting for Casual staff and if you are thinking of working for the GSPCA you can find out more by visiting -

For more information and additional induction dates please visit or call 257261

If you would like to help at one of our upcoming events please give Michelle a call on 257261 or email [email protected]

To see the opening hours at the GSPCA please visit –

To see our upcoming guided tours please visit -

To donate to the animals in our care please visit - 

To become an Angel Pen Pal Sponsor to sponsor the hoglets and support our work please visit -

To see our Wish List on our website please visit -

For other fund raising ideas and ways to support please visit -

To visit the details on the Urgent Kennel Floor Appeal please visit -

To find out how your business could help us at the GSPCA

To learn more about our biggest project, become an Exclusive Build Partner and support our Wildlife Hospital please visit


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