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This week at the GSPCA we have launched a new calendar specifically to help pet owners and those affected by fireworks in Guernsey.

The calendar has been embedded in a number of our web pages and is dedicated to being a central location to check when there are firework displays in Guernsey.

Over the last few years when we have been made aware of firework events we have used our social media to help inform pet owners to help them prepare their animals and pets to reduce their stress and problems they can cause.

There are many Guernsey event calendars that you can see public events advertised and many use the livestock section of the Guernsey Press to advertise their firework displays, but our new calendar is to help ensure that those concerned have a central location they can easily check.

We are aware that private parties may not wish to disclose their exact address, but where possible please give as close as a location as is possible and Parish.

Lorna Prince Animal Welfare Manager said "At the GSPCA we are continually working to help animals in Guernsey and fireworks are a real concern and problem for many pet owners."

"The new calendar we have launched we really hope will help animal owners prepare and ensure their animals are safe during what can be a very stressful time."

"We continue to work with the Firework Committee in Guernsey to help advise on the problems many pet owners are faced with."

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "During periods of fireworks we see an increase of stray and escaped dogs which often bolt due to the loud noises fireworks make."

"We hope that this new calendar will help make a real difference to Guernsey animal owners and also be an easy way to check when fireworks are planned."

"If your dog or cat does suffer when fireworks are happening please pop in to the GSPCA to see the adaptil and feliway products we have on sale which can help reduce the stress of your pet."

"We can also microchip your pet for only £4.99 so that in the event that they should run away we can reunite them with you straight away”

To notify us of your event please email the team at the GSPCA and we can add your firework display to our calendar. Please let us know the location, date and times it is planned for and also if it is public or a private event.

To let us know please call 01481 257261 or if you could email the following addresses one of the team will add it as soon as we can [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

To help please cut and paste the following and input the relevant details -

Location of event:
Date of firework event:
Time planned to start:
Time planned to end:
Is the event public or private:
Any other helpful details:

Thank you for helping us help pet owners in Guernsey.

To visit a page full of advice on fireworks and pets as well as the calendar please click here.

For advice on caring for your pets during the fireworks please click here.

Here is some additional information and videos to help you through the next few weeks with your dog and cat:

GSPCA Adaptil Feliway fireword advice Guernsey


If you require further advice please contact the GSPCA on 257261

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