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Last night nearly 145 years since being founded the GSPCA held their 133rd AGM at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews where we have been based since 1929.

With catering kindly supplied by Michelle Champion the members, staff, supporters and those invited enjoyed an evening of celebrations and appointed 4 co-opted committee members since the last AGM.

Some of the key moments over the last few years were highlighted as well as remembering those lost to us and thanking the huge array of team and community supporters that help so much and in so many ways.

John Knight GSPCA President thanked all for attending and gave a talk about how much has been achieved in recent years, thanking all involved and spoke of sadness such as the loss of GSPCA staff member Richard Chandler to monumental undertakings like the completion of the new multi purpose animal welfare building.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager then stood to talk about some of the animals helped and the exciting future plans of the GSPCA. He also spoke about the recently revised 10 year strategy and redevelopment plan, as well as thanking all that do so much for the GSPCA and animal welfare in Guernsey as well as the community. Phil Soulsby GSPCA Treasurer then presented the 2015 accounts which were approved and was then followed with Vice President Tom le Pelley handing Certificates of Appreciation which included -

  • Ann Wragg & St Andrews Floral Group - For exceptional support to the GSPCA improving the conservation & grounds at the Animal Shelter
  • Social Security Work to Benefit Team - For exceptional support to the GSPCA
  • Northern Trust - For exceptional support with Corporate Social Responsibility to the GSPCA & Animal Welfare in Guernsey
  • David & Gill Dunkerley - For outstanding voluntary support
  • Beckie Bailey - For exceptional service & feedback from the many Birthday & Educational Tours 2018
  • Teresa Mourant - Celebrating 2 years of Service with the GSPCA & Best Wishes for the Future
  • Michelle Champion - For outstanding support Fund Raising, the Charity Shop, Volunteering, Wardening & many other roles
  • Yvonne Chauvel - Celebrating 28 Years of Service with the GSPCA
  • Geoff George Celebrating - 25 Years of Service with the GSPCA
  • Island FM - For outstanding support helping raise much needed funds & awareness for the GSPCA and Animal Welfare in Guernsey
  • Corinne Connelly - For outstanding performance and commitment helping raise much needed funds for the GSPCA and Animal Welfare in Guernsey

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We had a lovely evening of celebrations from talking about the challenges and achievements over the last few years to sharing our new strategy and vision for the future.”

“Since the last AGM we have seen the biggest rebuild the GSPCA has experienced in 145 years and had animals that experienced global press.”

“We thanked all those involved and that support the GSPCA and the committee highlighted some key individuals and groups that have gone over and above the call of duty.”

“Ann Wragg and St Andrews Floral Group in recent years have been exceptional in their support and help raising tens of thousands of pounds to transform the grounds at the Shelter and strive to help the wildlife and conservation of our Parish and site, being decorated with many awards, grants, donations and help to achieve so much around our grounds.”

“Steve Walters and Martyn Barbe were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for all they have done with the Social Security Work to Benefit team which in hand with the St Andrews Floral Group have helped transform the site and help in so many other ways improve the site, collect donations and more.”

“Without doubt Northern Trust have sent more staff to volunteer at the GSPCA than any other company, with over 100 in the last few years.”

“It was lovely to present Rachael Baker from Northern Trust with a Certificate of Appreciation to highlight just one of the amazing companies that support us in so many ways.”

“With over 800 volunteers helping support us at the GSPCA we are extremely blessed.”

“Two of the amazing volunteers we have that help twice a week are David and Gill Dunkerley.”

“At 84 David is exceptional helping with his wife Gill and those that attended gave a huge round of applause to David as he received their Certificate of Appreciation.”

“Beckie Bailey has been involved with the work of the GSPCA for some years now and over the last year has headed up the Birthday Tours which the feedback we have had from parents and those visiting has been outstanding.”

“With 4 birthday tours booked in this weekend Beckie has a busy couple of days ahead and we wanted to give her a special thank you for all she does for the GSPCA.”

“Michelle Champion who kindly catered for our AGM supports the GSPCA in so many ways and was key in setting up our Charity Shop and we had to celebrate and thank her for going over and above with a Certificate of Appreciation.”

“All of the team are devastated to be losing Teresa Mourant who has been with us for nearly two years and about to leave us as she moves back to the UK.”

“Teresa was brought to tears as words of praise and thanks were said as she has been a fantastic animal care assistant and helped in so many ways from school talks to covering the emergency ambulance at the GSPCA, giving excellent care to the dogs to helping with the training classes, we will all miss her.”

“A huge applause was given to both Geoff George and Yvonne Chauvel who have both in recent years been recognised on international stages and locally for their long term commitment and hard work in animal welfare.”

“Both were humbled to get long service Certificates of Appreciation and it was a joy to recognise all that they give.”

“Corinne Connolly from Sidneys Sponsored Events and Island FM sadly couldn’t make the evening, but a few special words of thanks were given for their amazing support, involvement and organising funds to raise funds for the many animals at the GSPCA.”

“There are many ways to get involved with our work from volunteering to sponsoring an animal pen and there is a wealth of information on our website .”

“To get involved with fund raising for the GSPCA and with our GSPCA Purple Week next month celebrating 145 years please check out the web page where there are lots of details .”

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