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On Tuesday 12th June Northern Trust staff came for their second volunteer day of 2018.

Over the previous four years 120 volunteers from Northern Trust have helped out at the GSPCA, with 38 staff helping in 2014 and a further 26 helping in 2015, 34 in 2016 and 16 in 2017, 6 earlier this year and additional 5 this week taking the total to 125.

On Tuesday we welcomed Dan Le Prevost, Tracy Marquis, Andrea Mccoll, Karen Murpeth & Keiron Highfield at the GSPCA who came along from Northern Trust to help out with our Chapel of Rest and Memorial Garden.

The GSPCA helps over 1000 pet owners a year through the loss of their dog , cat, small animal, reptile, bird and others.

The Chapel of Rest is an ongoing project and we are continuing to appeal for support, as we are with also in need of support with our Memorial Garden.

GSPCA - Memorial Garden sponsorship opportunities

A new garden has being designed to be complementary to the new Chapel of Rest. This peaceful and private area will give those who have lost their pets an area to reflect and say their farewells to their friends where ashes can be scattered in the central heart.  It will be accessed from the new stone curved steps or the path on the upper level which is designed for those with mobility difficulties. The Zen garden will set the scene leading to the area protected by fencing and hedging to give privacy during this stressful time and keep intrusive noise to a minimum. This will be a place for quiet reflexion and enjoyment of the scents of the plants, such as Lavender, specifically chosen for their healing properties, highlighting the importance of nature. The woodland area will provide a peaceful area with seating and the water feature will add a calming influence. Our hope is that when they will leave the garden, visitors will feel strengthened and renewed. The border at the front has shrubs carefully chosen in jewel colours to lift the spirits. Substantial progress has been made so far We are indebted to the CEPS team and other volunteers who have made all this possible. Some areas have already been planted and this has made a huge difference and gives a snapshot of things to come.

SPONSORSHIP Opportunities or help donate towards this project and help us help bereaved pet owners

We would welcome sponsorship for the following to complete the garden as well as CSR teams and individuals to help with the digging / planting on site for the new layout.

Some of the items we are appealing for to help with area are:

  • 3 Hardwood Benches £400 each. Total £1200
  • 6 Specimen trees for large planters £50 each. Total £300
  • 3 Tree ferns £100 each. Total £300
  • 1 Memorial granite heart with inscription for centre-piece. Total £400
  • 50 Additional plants for shade and sensory garden area £10 each. Total £500
  • 4 Tonne bags of stone dust for access path £45 each. Total £180
  • 6 Sleepers for landscaping £30 each. Total £180
  • Felt for roof of Chapel of Rest. Total £70
  • Flooring for Chapel of Rest. Total £130
  • Inner Walls & Paint for Chapel of Rest. Total £250
  • Lighting, heating & electrics for the Chapel of Rest. Total £500
  • Altar and furniture for the Chapel of Rest. Total £500

TOTAL £4510

To donate to these much needed project please visit - or for more information and to volunteer to help please email [email protected] or call 257261 for more details to get involved.

The 5 Northern Trust volunteers were a huge help erecting the Chapel of Rest which was donated thanks to many donations and helped with the landscaping of the Garden of Rest.

After an extremely hard days work a member of the GSPCA team took the team from Northern Trust for a guided tour where they saw many of the 500+ animals at the GSPCA.

Before the group left and after the tour the team got a thank you certificate for all of their hard work.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "Once again words cannot express how grateful we are to Northern Trust who are truly amazing and we really, really do appreciate all of their wonderful support and help."

"We are so lucky to have caring businesses in Guernsey like Northern Trust that allow their staff to help in the community."

"The team from Northern Trust not only erected our Chapel of Rest they also helped with many jobs around our Memorial Garden."

"Since 2014 Northern Trust have sent 125 staff to help at the GSPCA which is just incredible."

“We have many jobs and projects with our Chapel of Rest and Memorial Garden and we appealing for donations and volunteers to help in this area.”

“Ann Wragg from St Andrews Floral Group as well as many others have already helped transform this area and we have the final touches needed to be done so we can reopen this area to the public and bereaved pet owners.”

"We always love to hear from businesses that would like to help us help the animals and community of Guernsey and there are many ways getting involved from CSR programmes to sponsoring animals in our care."

"We can even run bespoke events such as guided tours for your team and their families."

"From all at the GSPCA a huge thank you to all at Northern Trust."

"For those wanting to help the next volunteer induction evening for anyone interested in helping out is on Monday 2nd July at the GSPCA with a 630pm start."

If your business or group would like to help us at the GSPCA we have lots of other possible jobs to help out at the GSPCA and to see just some ideas –

  • Painting aviaries/rabbit runs/stable (where possible we do ask for donations to help with paint and rollers/brushes etc.)
  • Painting Buildings  (where possible we do ask for donations to help with paint and rollers/brushes etc.)
  • Gardening / landscaping / weeding (we are always in need of additional tools if possible to help)
  • Help with our memorial garden and chapel of rest  (we do need additional tools, plants, hardcore and sleepers to help)
  • Putting in steps to our pond  (we are in need of additional tools, plants, hardcore and sleepers to help)
  • Building a cage over our pond dipping pond (we have this but will need a team to do - possibly half to full day)
  • Helping in the charity shop
  • Helping sort out and clean some donated aviaries and cages (likely a full day for 4 or more people)
  • General Animal Care
  • Helping with Admin / Reception
  • Help wash and clean Shelter vehicles
  • Cleaning signage and windows around site
  • Cleaning gutters/drains around site
  • Pressure washing outside areas
  • Cleaning out our deep pond
  • If staff have a skill set and can offer training to our team this is always much appreciated
  • Helping deep clean areas
  • Helping gut out, clean, tidy and sort storage areas
  • Building a large poultry run (likely to take more than a day and we do need posts, mesh and concrete)
  • Build an additional tortoise run (likely to take more than a day and we do need posts, wood, mesh and concrete)
  • Lay new floor in bird room & build aviary pens in bird room (we do need flooring, wood and mesh)
  • Redo our disabled toilet area (we do need new bathroom items, baby change, signage)
  • Welding and fixing our barriers
  • Supply and build extra outside rabbit/guinea pig runs 
  • Supply and build safety porches to some aviaries
  • Dig out and build a sleeper wall near our tortoise run (will take much more than a week of a team doing and we do need sleepers and supplies)
  • Running a cake sale/holding an event at the Shelter
  • Taking a stall with games/goods out into the community if a location can be found
  • Help run guided tour events
  • Running a fund raiser
  • Sponsored walk or event
  • Helping run an event for kids/schools

Please do get in touch if you think you can help with these or the many other jobs and projects we have at the GSPCA.

To donate to these much needed project please visit - or for more information and to volunteer to help please email [email protected] or call 257261 for more details to get involved.

To find out how your business could help us at the GSPCA

Our next Volunteer Induction Evening is on Monday 11th December and for details

To find out about our Going, Going, Gone Wild conservation project, Memorial Garden & Poison Garden projects with St Andrews Floral Group please visit -

To see blogs of the Northern Trust staff helping at the GSPCA please click here .

If you are suffering with the loss of a pet here is a Pet Bereavement page with useful links and information -


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