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Although the reception and shop area will be closed during the times below there are lots of events that you can attend that are raising funds for the GSPCA over the Diamond Jubilee Weekend.

Fund raising Race Night - organised by Sidney's owner Corinne Connolly - 1st June at Venture Inn from 7.30pm

Race night

Jubilee Fundraising Fete in St Andrews - 4th June - more details to follow

We apologise but the Diamond Jubilee BBQ & Band 'City Limits' at the Victoriana Bar & Restaurant, L'Atlantique on the 4th June has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you are looking to adopt a dog then please see the procedure by going to this link

To see the animals available for adoption please go to

If you do find a sick, injured or stray animal please be aware that the Shelter is manned 24 hours in  case of emergencies or call 01481 257261.

Over the Diamond Jubilee weekend the Animal Shelter hours are -

Friday 1st June - 9am - 5pm

Saturday 2nd June – 9am – 5pm

Sunday – Closed – For Emergencies call 01481 257261

Bank Holiday Monday – Closed – For Emergencies call 01481 257261

Bank Holiday Tuesday – Closed – For Emergencies call 01481 257261

From Wednesday hours return to normal.


Firework advice over the Bank Holiday Weekend

Fireworks are exciting and pretty to look at and it is fun to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with a bang, but for our animal friends this can be a nightmare. Many animals domestic and wild suffer needlessly every year due to fireworks.

The GSPCA would like to encourage everyone where possible to attend organised events as this time of year there are many of our wild animals and birds rearing young and we want to reduce their stress as much as possible.

The GSPCA would like to urge everyone follow our animal friendly firework code and protect your pets and the local wildlife.

  • Please make sure that your pets are wearing a collar with an identity tag in case they manage to escape from your home(we do these at the Shelter from £6). We would also strongly advise that you have your pets microchipped as this enables us to reunite them with you much more easily should they run away. Please call the GSPCA for further details on having your dog or cat microchipped as we do it for only £4.99
  • Walk your dog during the day.
  • As soon as it gets dark keep your dog or cat inside. Ensure all of the windows and doors are locked including dog and cat flaps.
  • Go to an organised display if you can. If you are having a private firework display then build you bonfire as late as possible to reduce the likelihood of any wildlife taking up residence. Before lighting the fire check the area thoroughly for hedgehogs. We are always saddened by the number of hedgehogs we receive that have suffered severe burns and even in spring time animals will look to hide amongst the wood. 
  • Please notify your neighbours of your intentions. Especially the elderly and those who have pets.
  • When horses are startled they are likely to bolt and can suffer serious injuries. Ensure that all horses, ponies and donkeys are securely stabled with the doors closed.
  • Remember to bring guinea pigs and rabbits inside or place under cover in an out building. 
  • Don’t take your dog to a firework display. If you are going out then draw your curtains, put the television or radio on and provide you pet with a safe hiding place so they feel secure. 
  • If you know that your pet is frightened by loud noises such as fireworks or has an existing heart condition please contact your vet for advice. They may suggest you try a Dog Appeasing Pheromone diffuser or may discuss the use of sedatives; depending on your pets needs. The GSPCA also has products on sale at the Shelter that can help calm your dogs and cats.
  • Please clean up after firework parties. Litter is hazardous to domestic and wild animals.

    Remember NEVER let fireworks off near animals.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘It is wonderful to see all of the celebrations organised for the Diamond Jubilee but we are urging everyone to think of their pets and other animals as it is an unusual time of year to be letting fireworks off.’ ‘With the warm weather and late nights many of us have our windows and doors open and pets outside.’ ‘We are reminding everyone to follow our advice to help reduce the stress of animals as they often panic when fireworks go off and this could mean your pets injuring themselves or escaping and becoming lost.’

To make a donation please click here

Charity Race Night 1st June at the Venture Inn 7pm

This has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances - Diamond Jubilee BBQ & Band 'City Limits' at the Victorianna Bar & Restaurant, Atlantique Hotel, Perelle Bay 4th June

Quiz Night at Pelicans Cafe, Kings Gym Saturday 16th June from 7pm

Summer Fayre and Dog Show – Saturday 7th July 2012 - for more details

If you would like to donate online to help cats like Blue you can do so by going to our fundraising page -

Donate here

If you would like to become a member or donate monthly please -

Become a member or donate monthly

To find out how to knit a mouse for a homeless cat -

Knit a mouse for a homeless cat



Telephone - 01481 257261




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